Beyond The Basics Of Real Estate Marketing

Why learn Real Estate online marketing?

As a Realtor or real estate professional understanding and utilizing the basics of real estate marketing is essential to your business. However, for higher level professionals there is a definitely need to go beyond the basics, which is why they have become so well known in their field.

The idea of real estate marketing needs to focus in on creating a brand, which may be your name or company name, and not just about providing outstanding listings. Yes, it is essential to have homes to seller and buyers that want the homes, but being the person that the general public calls is the only way to grow your company and your income.


Get Creative with Your Real Estate Marketing

You can use the latest in technology in your real estate marketing and still not be creative, innovative or unique. In fact, simply using the technology without a strategy or plan often backfires and ends up looking cheesy or just like everything else out there.

This is true for your website as well as your social media presence. You can actually use less technology, or traditional options such as online videos and even slideshows, but look for a way that makes your presentation stand out from the masses.


Make a Personal Connection

One of the most accurate statements about real estate marketing is that buyers and sellers want to work with a professional that they see as like themselves or that they feel comfortable with. Your website should show local knowledge and interest as well as a connection to the community that is genuine.

In addition, adding a touch of your own personality into your real estate marketing makes a big difference. A personable online presence and social media approach will make you more accessible to all potential buyers and sellers. This more than just having your picture and a bio online, it is about the way you word listings, the blogs on your site, and the links and information that you provide that are beneficial to your clients.

The basics of real estate marketing are great, but it is the subtle infusion of your own personality, interests and areas of expertise that really makes customers interested in working with you. Your marketing has to focus in on your branding, your presence, to go beyond the basics and to keep your customer base growing for years to come.


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