The Wildly-Effective #1 Paid Advertising Strategy for Realtors

hyperlocal realtor search packs on google

There’s a highly-pinpointed paid advertising strategy that drives hordes of potential leads into your marketing funnel. Each lead costs only $3-5, depending on your location. For my clients, 90% of prospects that click also call. Even more impressive, 25% of those calls become converted leads. That’s right, twenty-five percent. My clients have had listing contracts within…

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2021 Best Real Estate Lead Generation Companies (Honest Rankings)

best real estate lead generation companies 2021

100% Honest, Expert Reviews I believe in providing extremely transparent reviews about the best real estate lead generation companies. You’d be hard-pressed to find experts in the real estate lead generation game that give such radically honest information about the strengths and weaknesses of my competitors. For more information about why I’m highly qualified to…

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Guide to Real Estate SEO Services (Find Experts, Not Scams)

a woman uses a magnifying glass to find the best real estate seo services

Article Overview Let me put myself in your shoes. You’re a real estate professional or team interested in the power of Real Estate SEO services and online inbound marketing. You’ve heard these methods provide amazing long-term ROI. That a single piece of content can generate leads for years. That qualified inbound leads call you. While…

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Sierra Interactive Website and CRM Review (40+ Research Hours)

Sierra Interactive Website and CRM Review

Who Should Use Sierra Interactive? In my opinion, you should consider Sierra Interactive if… ROI is especially important to you when investing in a new real estate website You have 3-15 years experience as a real estate agent/broker You have a medium to a high level of technical and SEO experience If you fit those…

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Real Estate SEO | A Step by Step Guide for 2017

Real Estate SEO terminology. What’s the difference between Real Estate SEO and Direct Advertising? (The way most real estate marketing companies generate traffic to websites) SEO = Search Engine Optimization also referred to as organic marketing or search engine marketing which confusingly can also refer to direct advertising which is NOT the same as SEO….

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