2021 Real Estate Marketing Plan (Strategies + Calendar)

2021 Real Estate Marketing Plan

Where Real Estate Marketing Guides Fail Most step-by-step guides on developing a real estate marketing plan are general templates. They teach how to identify your target market and check key performance indicators. They might unpack how to reverse engineer your competition and how to develop a real estate marketing calendar. But the buck stops there….

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Christophe Choo – Real Estate’s #1 Video Marketer?

What can Christophe Choo teach YOU about real estate video marketing?   Christophe Choo started using real estate video marketing in 2008. His YouTube channel which focuses on luxury real estate and the Lifestyle in Los Angeles that goes with it has 9.5 MILLION views. He has 29.9k subscribers. Only Josh Altman has more. I…

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Ylopo – A Uncensored Review

Ylopo Real Estate Lead Generation Review (Cover Image)

Ylopo – Will this Real Estate Lead Generation System work for you? Ylopo is a combination of Facebook marketing, IDX search, AI chatbots, and integrated backend services all designed to capture and nurture people interested in buying or selling real estate. My opinion is Ylopo is excellent for tech-savvy agents or rising stars in years…

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