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This is me. Robert Newman. Hi.

inboundREM is Robert Newman’s blogging and Vlogging Website. This website is about providing ACCURATE online marketing advice to real estate professionals. From late 2007 to today in 2017 I have acted as a sales resource and consultant for some of Los Angeles most respected Real Estate technology companies. Over 10 years I have had thousands of conversations with Real Estate agents, brokers, tech founders, and administrative staff.


The lack of good authoritative online marketing advice specifically for Real Estate professionals has always surprised me. So I decided to start my own website offering the same advice I’ve been offering some of the world’s best-known real estate professionals for the last 10 years. Here are a few names you might recognize from my past teleconferences and in-person meetings:



Marisa Zanuck – Former Ryan Serhaunt partner, during the time I worked with her she was running the Los Angeles office of Nestseekers.

Ryan Serhaunt – One of the biggest names in NYC Real Estate.

Willians and Williams – A new and upcoming team here in Los Angeles that have averaged over 100 million in residential sales over the last 5 years.


In Los Angeles, there are a couple of names that are really in a class of their own. These realtors are the ones that get called by foreign royalty when they are looking to purchase a home in Los Angeles.


Image of Joyce Rey as part of the inboundREM about page.

Joyce Rey  – First woman to sell over 1 billion in residential real estate. Luxury Real Estate Specialist. I mostly dealt with Joyce’s office manager but my involvement with this account helped me understand the differences between marketing for luxury real estate agents and non-luxury.



Christophe Choo

Christophe Choo – Current star of selling L.A. Focus’s on Beverly Hills and is a key example I used when I wrote “50 Real Estate Niches Top Agents Target”. I’ll never know how much of our consultations he took as gospel but everything we discussed in 2009 is currently part of his marketing strategy.





I’m putting these examples here because if you’ve been in the real estate profession especially here in California then you’ll recognize some of these names. There is a BIG component missing which are the names of the 2-3 thousand real estate professionals you DON’T know that I had one on one conversations ranging from 30 minutes to one hour. It is my belief I have had more direct interaction with real estate agents and brokers than any other ONLINE marketing consultant in the world. I really got a chance to understand the real estate industries online marketing pain points and inboundREM is my solution.


inboundREM provides Real Estate Online Marketing Reviews, Tips, and Tutorials

Why Real Estate Online Marketing Reviews tips and tutorials? The real estate online marketing tips you will find on inboundREM can be implemented in under 30 minutes AND in many cases will have a noticeable result whether that be more visits to a social page or leads generated from a website. Here is one of my favorite examples of a real estate marketing tips blog post:

5 LinkedIn tips for Real Estate Professional

I also have an Instagram channel populated with tons of ONE MINUTE real estate marketing tips. Eventually, I will have a podcast with FIVE MINUTE MARKETING tips. I have formatted my tips to match the busy schedule of real estate agents and I post many of my best tips on Instagram which is the perfect social platform for the mobile real estate agent.


Detailed Real Estate Technology Reviews

Buying real estate technology services is like playing Pin the Tail on the donkey complete with the blindfold. A sales person gives you a cool presentation usually only showing you a small percentage of the technology you are purchasing. They show you some customers apparently making a ton of money then ask you for an SIX-month commitment. They insist the six-month agreement is for your protection and the only way they can guarantee you’ll see all the great results the rest of their customers get. From 2007 until 2014 I was a senior sales resource for most two of Los Angeles TOP real estate technology providers Agent Image and imFORZA. I know every trick in the book and MY reviews address common topics like pricing and uncommon topics like usability and perceived lifetime value of the program. I also curate GOOD reviews of real estate technology services and leave the dead wood out of my blog posts. Here are my most recent reviews.








I USE ZURPLE | here are the pros and cons



Real Estate Marketing Tutorials

I also provide DETAILED real estate online marketing tutorials with both written and video instructions. I want every real estate professional in the world to understand the importance of owning their own website and how to be successful online. Right now in April of 2017, I have produced ONE detailed tutorial. How to set up a Pinterest account and get your first 1000 followers in UNDER 30 days. Pinterest drives more traffic to this blog than any other source though Google is catching up quickly. Real Estate agents should be using Pinterest and Instagram and leveraging these photo reliant social mediums to boost online traffic and generate leads.


How to get your first 1000 Pinterest Followers | Video Tutorial 


Do I ever take on Real Estate Online Marketing Clients?

I am asked this question frequently. Or followers of my blog ASSUME I take on clients and ask me for a quote. I have a small set of Real Estate clients I provide SEO services for. I host their websites, update them, provide social media updates and produce blog posts. I also maintain responsibility for lead generation rates, update on traffic, domain authority and keyword acquisition on a monthly basis. I DO NOT accept any client randomly. There are a large set of factors that dictate whether I will work with a realtor or broker directly. Here are a few of them:


  • You must OWN your Real Estate website and have control of the hosting environment. In some rare cases, I will build the website for you if you don’t already have one. This is NOT a free service nor can I list pricing since the kind of website and the commitment to long-term success on the web are both factors. IE: I charge less if I am convinced you are in it for the long haul. I DO NOT have contracts with my clients. Just conversations.I am not looking to add large numbers of clients so I will not send out examples of past work through email. If you read through all my bullet points, use the form below and have a website with potential OR a strong reason for building a new one then I will provide case studies and examples while I am on a call with you.
  • It is likely I will accept a small brokerage as a client. Teams/Brokers of 10-50 agents with defined niches have always seen the greatest benefit from my services.
  • My rates START at $1000.00 per month. In some rare cases, I will provide smaller services but ONLY if a real estate client is likely to generate leads and thus revenue from those services in the first SIX months.
  • While results of my services have historically been “Google Proof”. I focus on producing high-quality content then promoting that content the right way. This strategy takes 4-6 months to see the best results and while I am not obligating anyone for any length of time if you are specifically looking for short term/fast results I am not the best solution for you and you are not the best client for me.
  • I dislike direct advertising since I believe ALL money spent by a real estate company is better invested in SEO on a website that is owned by the broker. I WILL consider taking over direct marketing as part of a larger agreement. Rates will vary and I am an expert in every Real Estate marketing platform I have come across in the last 10 years.
  • I ONLY take on clients that have the temperament for a long term marketing plan and will make significant returns over time. Done right SEO returns every single penny ever spent +++.  Not all websites are set up properly for SEO (even though all real estate website owners are told they are). The form below will audit your website and provide YOU with an SEO score that clearly grades your website. I also ask for your phone number. I will call and schedule an appointment no matter what. But if your score is terrible it will be a FREE consultation informing you I can’t work with you and pointing you in the right direction to fix whatever is wrong.

If you don’t want an audit but you do want to chat you can email me at



















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I work from my home in Van Nuys, California. I have three cats and a pool.