Inbound Real Estate Marketing Link Building Services Description 



Directories not only help you rank for “local” searches. Like – Los Angeles Realtor. They also count as backlinks making them a core component to raising domain authority (the value of a website and thus all of its corresponding pages). We MANUALLY submit to our directories. Our list is a TOTAL of 100 directories. We upload the list of directories to our project portal and they are available upon demand.

Tier One directory campaign = 25 directories – 2-4 hours – takes 10 days

Tier Two directory campaign = 50 directories  – 4-8 hours – takes 10 days

Tier Three directory campaign = 100 directories  – 8-16 hours – takes 14 days


Active Rain Blog Posts

Active Rain provides one of the highest value real estate related backlinks available. ALL of our campaigns start with a “What is my worth” 300-500 word Active Rain blog post.




The safest backlink you can build. Period. This is another website owner just like you who agrees to put a blog post on their website. Our tiers are decided by the DOMAIN AUTHORITY. 10-35 with 35 being the highest authority domain we can reliably get to post a blog post. We write a relevant blog post AND we agree to promote it socially usually making sure it’s shared 100-400 times. Occasionally we will even agree to do a guest blog post pointed to the original post making our offer very tempting to most savvy blog owners. We do our best to keep these guest blog posts related to real estate or if that fails then business in general.

The higher the DA the more hours it takes to find a placement. All outreach is MANUAL. (We email business owners directly)


TIER ONE – DA 10+ –




The example above was produced for a Charlotteville realtor and the blogger is a TN mom talking about the home shopping experience.


Put simply in some very rare cases it is still a good idea to build a high volume of links. NEVER to YOUR website but sometimes to a web  2.0 or something similar that then POINTS to your website. You get a small amount of the distilled link authority transferred.

We only have a Tier one link boost at this time. 

Tier one link boost – 100 article submissions – 3000 blog comments – 200 social bookmarks


WEB 2.0 Properties 

Web 2.0 means very large websites that usually allow blogging. Here is a partial list: | Rebel Mouse | Medium | Joomla | Zoho

Web 2.0’s are tricky but when done right are extremely powerful backlinks. Also because these websites are HUGE you can build alot more links into a brand new post. These allow for the passing of link authority from one page to the next. Too many of these links will get you a penalty almost for certain. However using a few of these to enhance pages authority in conjunction with other strategies is a strong way to increase page authority.


Tier One = TWO Web 2.0s with Tier One social promotion – EXAMPLE

Tier Two = FOUR Web 2.0’s with Tier one social promotion and Tier One Link Boost

Tier Three = EIGHT Web 2.0’s  with Tier one social promotion and Tier One Link Boost for each post


These are our TOP web 2.0 targets. Sites that carry a ton of authority and are always a good place to get a link from. ( In 2020 we only use these sites at special request and for a special quote as getting a single placement is oftentimes more than what we charge as a retainer each month)
DA-90, PA-90, TF/CF-64
DA-93, PA-79, TF-54, CF-70 
DA-94, PA-94, TF-82, CF-80
DA-68, PA-53, TF-30, CF-55
DA-89, PA-91, TF-68, CF-51
DA-85, PA-67, TF-46, CF-62 
DA-68, PA-57, TF-32, CF-47
DA-91, PA-93, TF-52, CF-61


Press Releases 

Simply put a press release can generate 100’s of high-value links. This strategy is used to boost overall domain authority as usually the page to page value of a press release is limited. So many links all coming in at the same time generates a penalty response from Google that diminishes over time. Making these links very valuable for home pages and sometimes promoting multiple blog posts or event announcements. Press releases also generate a small amount of direct traffic.

InboundREM press releases guarantee a minimum of 50 outlets will pick up a release. Our submissions are handwritten usually with Tier One or Tier Two content


Home Page Boost

This is a one time only service that is directed at a client’s homepage. It is one of our few volume link building products and it’s meant strictly as a way to provide a little link diversity. We do ALL of this work manually and slowly over the course of one month.

Web 2.0’s 10+

Press release 10+

10 EDU and High-value profile links

1 EDU blog post

10 Images shared to multiple image sharing websites

20 wiki submissions

20 Web 2.0 social profiles

10 video submissions with tagging and geolocation