List of social media services we use to enhance SEO efforts and in some cases generate traffic.

Social content that is shared and commented upon sends a small signal to Google that the content in question is INTERESTING. While our belief is this does not necessarily RANK your content by itself if you have OTHER signals sent to the page along with decent user reaction once they arrive at the page we believe the social signals help rank your content significantly FASTER. Making this service an important part of almost every content or SEO strategy.


InboundREM Account Set Up

Our account set up services come with the following:

  • Facebook business page set up
  • Google My Business Page
  • Pinterest Page | Account Set Up
  • Twitter Page | Account Set Up
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Webmasters Console






Social Media Page Promotion TIER ONE – We share each page we produce for the client on their website or an external blog post 100-200 times on FOUR social networks. 

Social Media Post TIER TWO


Social Media Tier Three – By far our most aggressive package used ONLY for website homepages we are aggressively trying to improve DA on. 
















The social sites MOST relevant and the ones we use most frequently are listed in priority. Google needs to be able to READ the site in order to collect data. As an example Facebook blocks Google making it one of the least relevant social sites for SEO. In some of our more agressive campaigns we will cast a much wider social net. But that is rare.








You Tube 

I cannot overemphasize the importance of youtube. My service levels usually prevent anything but extremely basic video creation. I do the following for those videos.

  • Add a geolocation tag (Important for local marketing)
  • Closed Captioning – If you add your own close captioning Google reviews the content like it’s a PAGE of content making video a hidden content enhancer.
  • Video Tagging and a 100-word description. We use proprietary software to find the most valuable keywords and tag our videos accordingly.



Pinterest is one of the best social websites for real estate. Done right you can generate 1000’s of qualified referral visitors AND increase your SEO. Google can crawl Pinterest fairly effectively and even no follow links from a high authority domain are a sign of relevance to Google.  Our Pinterest Marketing service is our ONLY standalone service. You can hire us for $400 a month OR we include this as part of our larger SEO campaigns.

Set up Pinterest profile – EXAMPLE 

Set up 10 Boards – EXAMPLE 

Do the following each month:

This is a Pinterest Resource who is full time (works daily) who will be:
Following and unfollowing 250 New Users Daily
Commenting up to 100 times on relevant pins (per day)
Creating 10 pins per day from client website (random)
5 of the 10 boards created will be group boards(total)
Inviting 10 people per day per board.
Screenshot of tracked Pinterest marketing results.