In-depth Discussion about SEO and Mobile First SEO

What is Mobile first SEO? What are the changes Google implemented and how does it affect SEO? This is a continuation discussion about SEO and introduction about MOBILE FIRST SEO. Nowadays, people mainly use their mobile phones in researching and Google is looking into how they can provide user-friendly mobile experiences. In terms of changes, since…

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Discussion About SEO Continues Part 2

This is the continuation of discussing how SEO help in real estate and how does it work. What you should do before doing SEO? There are 3 qualifications before you can start doing SEO. First is to have a real estate experience. Real Estate is one of the best ways to make money and create…

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Evergreen Content For Real Estate (A Discussion with Phil Singleton)

Image shows a picture of Phil Singleton Author of SEO for Growth

Phil Singleton of SEO for Growth Talks to us about evergreen content We discuss all things SEO with focus on the real estate industry! Phil has written several award-winning and best-selling books on lead generation, search engine optimization and web design. Forbes named Phils book SEO for Growth ( as the #1 SEO book to…

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Video Tutorial LinkedIN Tips For Real Estate Agents

Crushing Linkedin Image

This video will show 5 ways to get more eyeballs on your linkedIN profile more prospective real estate buyers or sellers and make sure your name comes up first or close to it in the LinkedIN search function.