Real Estate Slogans + Taglines [VIDEO TUTORIAL]

Real Estate Slogans and Taglines | Cover Image for Blog Post

Dear inboundREM readers. This video is a companion piece to my blog post- 50 real estate slogans and taglines a visual guide. It is part of my VISUAL walkthrough of real estate slogans and taglines. Enjoy. Learn and comment.  


Placester is one of the leading providers of Real Estate websites. They currently have 400,000 customers and counting. I do a detailed analysis of their website offering. 0:00-:39 Robert Newman | Introduction :39- 1:03 Who owns Placester Websites | Who owns Placester 1:03 – 2:50 Cost per lead [query not answer] 2:50 – 3:22…

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Robert Newman Speaks at a Real Estate Investment Seminar

I had the opportunity to do a one-hour speaking engagement for Gotham Corporate Group.  The founder Erik J. Coffin is currently offering a 42-week in-depth real estate investment course. I was asked to outline some common online mistakes and bring some online marketing idea’s to the table for a class of 12 students. In total, I…

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Zurple Video Review

Zurple Logo overlayed with Pros and COns

I do a video review of the Zurple real estate website way I expect the platform will perform versus the limited case studies and reviews I found online before signing up.

Video Tutorial LinkedIN Tips For Real Estate Agents

Crushing Linkedin Image

This video will show 5 ways to get more eyeballs on your linkedIN profile more prospective real estate buyers or sellers and make sure your name comes up first or close to it in the LinkedIN search function.