19 Ways to Get Listings in 2019

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The 19 Fastest Ways to Get Listings in 2019

This episode is a continuation of the discussion of Curaytor’s article, “The 19 Fastest Ways to Get Listings in 2019”, which tackles about a list of tips that would aid you to get more listings in this modern era. The previous episode discussed the first six items in the article. This episode will discuss the next seven tips on the list.

Find Upcoming Expires

To continue with the list, number seven refers to using realtor.com or your MLS to find upcoming expires. This tip might be an old one, but it is a trusted one. FSBO could be probably one of the conventional means of getting listings. This way still qualifies for a valid strategy to obtain more listings. It is also advantageous for those who are determined and who are ready to pick up their phones.

“Instant” Offer Trend

Open Door and Zillow Offers are catching the attention of consumers who are motivated by its convenience. This eighth tip on the list which refers to taking advantage of this “Instant” Offer trend is about buying and selling their homes using a process available online. This one might take time to make its significant market penetration, but it raises the hype. Zillow is a public company, and it could be more profitable if it will have to look onto their expenses. It is a company that makes tens of millions, and it is expected to create more every year.
Refresh your Listing Presentation and Sell your Services

The ninth tip talks about refreshing your listing presentation, and this one is a piece of good advice to prevent being repetitive. Trying some new and different things for your presentation is not a bad idea. There are some instances that we forget about the basics. It is also recommended to review your past presentations and seek advice from a professional on how are you going to improve it. Number ten on the list discusses the ways on how to sell your services. It recommends creating a plan highlighting some points on how are you going to talk about selling homes on your website. It is a good idea to include a page on your website indicating your action plan or a clear outline for selling houses.

Seller Success Series

Number eleven discusses the importance of establishing a seller success series. It reinforces that you are getting results. Moreover, you may include these stories in your presentation and your website. People would be interested if they would have an idea of your track in the real estate. It is social proof that other people had obtained their success with you as their real estate agent. It is highly recommended to include video recordings of client testimonials onto your website. Lacking reviews will be a hindrance for your success in the online real estate marketing.

Find Hidden Sellers and Update your Referral Network

The twelfth item on the list is finding the hidden sellers that are deep down in your database. This tip focuses on database marketing. Working on a list could be a combination of art and science. There are various ways to hit up your list, as discussed in the previous episodes. It is recommended to divide your list into three to four sections and market each one of them differently. The last item for this episode talks about updating your referral network. Most users of Active Rain, a real estate blogging platform, have extensive referral networks, and makes money off them. Building a local referral network is advantageous if you are in a popular area, you might get some referrals per month from people who know you from blogs.

Bonus Content: The 19 Fastest Ways to Get Listings in 2019 (14-19)

This bonus content provides the continuation of the discussion about Curaytor’s article. Number fourteen tells to re-earn their business. Sending emails to the people who did business with you for the past year is still recommendable. They are your contacts. Keeping in touch with your client could even bring significant contributions to lead generation. Next on the list is to incentivize loyalty. It is quite not recommendable since doing this at the back of transaction translates to bribing your clients. Number sixteen is to speak to their pain points. Good content writing could fit the translation of this tip. It should be done on the right, or it may send a wrong signal to your clients. The next tip is to level up your just sold post and home ads. It is about writing ads better and having valuable content. The eighteenth one states to share your secret sauce. We should not be afraid of sharing our knowledge to others since nobody can duplicate you. You will always have innovative ideas and strategies. The last item on the list is hiring great help, which applies to any business out there.