2020 Best Tech Apps and Online Services for Real Estate Agents

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#223 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Dr. Lee Davenport From LearnWithLee.com

The digital world has opened the gateway to innovative sales and marketing techniques. Entrepreneurs can now reach as many possible clients, with the right tools, applications, and ad investments. For 2020, hosts Robert and Jonathan invites Dr. Lee Davenport, an award-winning real estate educator who sometimes speaks in conferences like ToastMasters and Fortune 500 companies. Together, they discuss what some of the best digital practices for marketing in the real estate industry are in 2020.

Statistical Analysis System

Most entrepreneurs who venture into online-based businesses always have one question in mind: “How can I make money out of this?” Or maybe; Will the money I make be enough to sustain and support myself? And the answer is: YES! With the right tools and skills, you might earn up to $100,000 in a month. One intelligent way of doing this is by utilizing SAS web applications. SAS or “Statistical Analysis System” is a business analytics solution that makes it more efficient extracting value from data. A SAS system helps you capture all types of data from different sources and users. The system then cleans the data, consolidate it, and gives an accurate and comprehensive analysis of your business models, customer behavior, and product performance.

Your WordPress Website

For agents and entrepreneurs who prefer using WordPress, Dr. Lee recommends that you keep building it and add more and more plugins. This allows for a substitute stream of revenue without too much cash or effort spent. The great thing about WordPress is that it is a stepping stone to achieve that one-time sale and get from zero to a thousand or $2000. This one-time sale has a single traffic channel, which you can grow past the $2,000 mark with various plugins that fit well with your products, in this case, real estate. Additionally, one can also utilize built-in-distribution if you can figure out how to rank in the WordPress repository.

Improving Your Website

From WordPress plugins, you now have the option to incorporate a SAS system. This will help you to earn more, enough for you to buy your time out. After that, Dr. Lee encourages you to fund your time with him as a means to focus on bigger projects and earn more on the side. Once you have enough money for you to sustain yourself, you can now spend your profits and invest it back to your site. One smart way is hiring designers, and web developers are for the improvement of your website to maintain and tweak it regularly. Data is indeed the heart and soul of businesses. Without data, operational and strategic decision-making will be a challenge.

Final Thoughts

Whatever the tools you’ll use in building your digital empire, there are necessary entrepreneurship skills you’ll need to be successful. One is development, to be able to develop products and services your clients will need. The second one is marketing, while the third one is sales. As a real estate agent, you have got to figure out your strengths and weaknesses to be able to improve your strategies and eventually be successful in your chosen career.