273 Mail-Right Show Our 2021 Predictions Connected To Online Digital Marketing

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Our 2021 Predictions: Online Digital Marketing

Jonathan and Robert welcomed everyone to the 273rd episode of The Mail-Right Show. In this episode, they shared their predictions of the future of digital marketing for the real estate industry. They each shared their opinions on the different ways that real estate agents can connect and market their properties despite the COVID-19 pandemic.


Both of the hosts agreed that 2021 is the era of Youtube videos. Everyone is using the platform to reach more audiences and prospect customers. By using Youtube, everyone has the chance to look for their new homes. Aside from being beneficial to buyers, this is also beneficial to agents. By just posting videos, buyers can reach out to them through their videos. Another plus side with sharing videos on Youtube and other platforms is that by posting your videos and receiving thousands of views and subscribers, agents can earn from youtube. You can use the tools readily available on Facebook and Youtube to reach out to your prospective clients and land that deal. 

Software and Web Development

One of the avenues that brokers use in this generation is software and web development. Through this, you can reach and communicate with your team as well as with potential buyers. The downside of a digital marketing strategy is that you need to know how to build your system and work around it. Once you get around the bugs of this digital platform, you will get the hang of it and reap its benefits. For beginners, you can start by using WordPress. It is a cheaper and basic web development system that you can try. Some adventurous agents opted to try developing CRM, which is an excellent tool for those who know how to navigate around it. Some people or viewers are not accustomed to these types of devices and can affect your marketing if the software and websites you’ve developed are not user-friendly. The platform also allows users to create custom videos to inform their clients. 

Artificial Intelligence 

Most people in the real estate industry are now using this digital marketing tool to entice buyers. It makes their lives easier because, with just the click of their fingers, they can get information about homes, neighborhoods, and other relevant data. This is with the use of landing pages and other tools readily available online for real estate agent’s usage. These AI tools can communicate with your potential clients for agents. If you are not familiar with using this type of device, there are loads of websites and agencies that can help you create landing pages that can ease your clients. 

In the current situation of 2021, where everything and everyone is online, you must use online digital marketing to your advantage. Learn and enhance your marketing skills online. To know more, do visit inboundrem.com for tips on digital marketing.