274 Mail-Right Show Special Guest Shawn Bell Of Century21 CA

Episode Timeline

The Use of Technology To Build Real Local Relationships

In the 274th episode of The Mail-Right Show, Shawn Bell graced the show to discuss technology and utilize it to build community relationships. He is part of Century21 in Canada. He is the first guest to discuss marketing strategy in a different location- Canada. They discussed the difference between the US and Canadian markets when it comes to the real estate industry. Shawn gave a background on the business affecting his hometown and other nearby provinces following the open market.

How it all started

With his 16 years in the industry, Shawn started as a real estate agent who knew his clients personally. He began with having a relationship with them and assisting them in any way that he can and sometimes even more. He gives his 100% effort into it. That’s why he was able to sell even in a low-populated area. Through this technique, he was referred to more clients as years came by. He was able to sell properties through word of mouth from his previous clients. Shawn believes that by building rapport with his clients and delivering what he promises, he will be able to reach more demographics and that he did. He made sure he is also available for queries, house visits, and home selling. He guided sellers in all the necessary documentation and even the leg work. With his personality, hard work, and initiative in what he is doing, he built a name for himself in the real estate industry.

How to utilize technology? 

With the influx of different social media platforms and technology, Shawn had to adapt. He studied the technology and utilized it based on his skills. Initially, it was tough, but it was all worth it. He became a well-known influencer and coach for realtors in Canada and even in the US. He used technology to his advantage. He learned how to utilize CRMs and ensure that this will help him and his agents. He maximized Realvolve, and it eases the lives of his agents, clients, and even himself. He learned to enhance his business with the use of technology. He invested in the system, and it made his leads larger. He was able to reach clients even without having to meet them. He was able to assist his agents even in the comfort of his home. Technology made him more organized and efficient. 

How to mix traditional and technology? 

Shawn already built his network of clients and agents with his relationship technique. And this network only got bigger and better with the advancement of technology. He made sure that his clients and agents will receive the same treatment, the same affirmation, and the same concerns wherever they are through technology. As a real estate agent and as a great coach through CRM and Youtube videos, his excellent interpersonal skills got out. And with that, even in a depressed and recessed community, he still is a part of the Top 1% of Century21. He combined his newfound technology and his over-the-top skills and personality to make a more prominent name for himself. 

Today, Shawn Bell is still one of the best in the industry. He coaches starting realtors and helps them navigate their way in the world of online digital marketing through CRMs.