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Mail-Right Show Episode 251 with Special Guest Chadi Bazzi

Chadi Bazzi is a 23-year real estate veteran and one of the best coaches in the industry. He started his as an agent and worked two markets which are Detroit and Newport Beach, California. He worked extensively with Mike and Tom Ferry for about eleven years. He probably has one of the busiest schedules I’ve seen in a coach clocking in over 30,000 one on one coaching sessions over his career. As a guy who does coaching sessions, I can say that is a tremendously high amount, and it shows in the way he shares his content and the advice he gives his trainees. In this podcast, he’s going to share with us his approach to the current Covid-19 Pandemic as well as his Listings On Demand Method.

Facing The Covid-19 Pandemic Head-On

The very first topic we discussed with Chadi is how he coaches his clients to handle the changes brought about by the Corona Virus. His approach is a practical one, which is to focus on the things you can control and spend your time working on the things you can do today. You cannot control how your government is handling the pandemic. The only thing you can do is to work on tasks that are doable during this crisis. You need to start splitting up your work into something you can and can’t do for the time-being and spending all of your efforts on projects you have available. One of his clients, a single mother of two, had a goal of reaching a commission of $100,000 for the year. She was at $10,000 when the pandemic started, and during the 90 to 120 day period of the lockdown, she had already reached her goal. Her secret, she worked on things that she can control instead of focusing on the things she couldn’t. It’s simple advice that I think all of my followers can implement in their business today.

The Right Mindset for Real Estate Coaching

Chadi has a clear image of what Real Estate Coaching is, and what it isn’t. For him, coaching is all about providing the right resources and pointing his student in the right direction. Mindset is an essential aspect of coaching, but he has a straightforward approach to this, and that is, it’s either you’re committed, or you are not. The coach can only point you on what to do, and his program provides a daily schedule and the right resources for an agent to use for their business. However, he also chooses the people he works with as he understands very well that success is primarily dependent on the student, and the coach can only do so much.

The Ingredient for Success

In his own words, “I think everybody’s looking for the magic pill, everybody’s looking for that one quick hack, and a lot of people are trying to move away from the reality of nothing’s going to take the place of your work ethic and you show up and doing the work.” The most important characteristic for an individual to have is their level of desire. If you’re the type of person who says hey man, just show me what to do and I’m going to go out there and do it. That’s the key ingredient that makes the person the right student for Chadi. If you’re a self-starter and just need to get pointed in the right direction on how to get leads, how to improve your lead conversion, and how to better communicate with your clients, Chadi would be a great real estate coach for you.