Video Tutorial LinkedIN Tips For Real Estate Agents

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Video Tutorial that will increase your LinkedIn profile views by 300%

This video will show 5 ways to get more eyeballs on your linkedIN profile more prospective real estate buyers or sellers and make sure your name comes up first or close to it in the LinkedIN search function.


  1. Kria Lacher

    I tried to add a symbol. Linkedin won’t let me

    1. Robert Newman


      It’s possible they finally addressed the “hack”. I haven’t had a chance to check this beyond verifying the symbol is next to my name (which it is) if some of my other readers wouldn’t mind either confirming the hack doesn’t work anymore OR that you tried it and it IS working I would appreciate it.

      1. You can add a parenthesis (….. So my name was enters in as
        Raymond P. (Randy) Reis
        I simply changed it to
        (Raymond P.) Randy Reis

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