How to Attract New Customers

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New Customers

In real estate, any client is a good client, but we still have the qualities that we are looking for an ideal client. The hardest part of this process is trying to understand the definition of your perfect client. Identifying a good client should start with the geographical aspect. The location of your business and client is significant. A lot of agents want to cater to the entire county; instead, you need to have a target area or zip code.

When getting clients, step one is being clear about how you will attract them. Step two involves the process and action of attracting them. At present, there are many ways to connect with these potential customers. There are various social media platforms, as well as Google. After building the connection, you can engage in a conversation with them. You should present a plan or follow-up so that their motivation hits the tipping point. You need to be ready to take the business when this happens.

Getting Deals and Listing Appointments

This process is vital when it comes to building connections with the client. You can make campaigns and promotions and implement digital marketing. You could have a Facebook lead advertisement campaign and let it do the work. You can also try sending them reports through CRM platforms and do a follow-up after.


In this episode, the guest uses kvCore as their CRM. Lion Desk is also perfect for real estate related activities. One could set it up so that it would send a text message or an email to the person if they request a report. The report is attached to the email while the text message notifies the person.

Maintaining Client’s Connection

The next thing to do after having a list of your clients is to maintain your connection with them. First, we stay in touch with them through the aid of our offers. You could promise to send a weekly list of sold properties in the neighborhood. Another thing is to do additional follow-ups for a weekly or monthly market report. Digital marketing strategies such as blogs, videos, Facebook ads, and podcasts are also great ways to keep in touch with your clients. There are various solutions available to maintain the client. Conversational type of communication like emails and text messages works well for building secure connections with your audience.

Combination of Case Study and Social Proof

Agents do some case studies and initial research to understand the business in detail. You are combining these case studies with the social proof that you are building in your websites and other social media platforms would attract more potential customers to do business with you. Past clients could leave reviews on your site that would create more reliable social proof for your future clients. They often check reviews on the pages and websites to confirm the credibility of your business. Building social proof is like painting a vivid picture of your business into your client’s mind.

Bonus Content: Videos in the Local Market

Short video teasers, videos on new listings and walkthroughs, and weekly videos with good content are examples of applications of videos in a local market or neighborhood. Some people are curious about what’s going on with the local real estate business. Even if they don’t contact you directly, you still create a link to people who don’t respond at all since they consumed your content. You can do videos through Loom, a chrome extension where you can create screen share videos then, use various social media platforms and video streaming sites to upload them. In doing a real estate business, consistency is the key. You need a plan and keep it simple.