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Mail Right Rewind of our Best Podcasts

In this week’s episode in the Mail-Right show, Robert and co-host Jonathan discuss some of our best guests on the show. They have identified the most influential guests over the past year, and what have been some of the best insights on real estate marketing they have shared. From business models to social media marketing.

Guarav Gambhir

He owns the Philadelphia main central market centers. Guarav established a local marketplace and focused his efforts on doing hyper-local marketing. He was spending quite substantial amounts of money on Facebook and Google Adwords to target clients locally, which assured his business of an excellent statistical ROI.

Beatty Carmichael

Beatty is a wildly qualify direct mail email response expert. He claims that with just 200 names on a mailing list, he can guarantee to get a listing or two. And once you can develop rapport and credibility among your clients, they will most likely refer you to three or four of their colleagues. The beautiful thing about a list of referrals is you can keep them for a more extended period, particularly for cold calling.

Lars Hedenborg.

Lars Hedenborg shares that the key to an efficient business model is to keep breaking down your sales and your business mechanisms to the smallest individual point. Because of this, Lars had a tremendous understanding of what had to be done to put the business where he wanted it. His method helped him identify how much he was trying to pay himself per hour, how many deals that had to be, and what he was doing mechanically to get there.

Christy Murdock Edgar (Inman)

She’s a writer, a regular columnist for Inman, an online news community for real estate agent and brokers. Her proven track in content creation showed the medium to long term benefit in writing effective evergreen content for their website.

Christy has excellent content on the site, and she’s an excellent content writer. But for all the effort that she spends, she noticed she was getting very minimal results. Because at the end of the day, without the right promotion tactics in Google, great content cease to be effective. This is where inbound marketing or SEO comes in. It is essential to create searchable content that will most likely appear on top in search engines.

Zach Hammer

The Facebook marketing messenger is an undervalued marketing tool. The response rate for Facebook messaging is around 80%. We could hire a guy right now and message all of our Facebook friends and get a tremendous response rate back to our Facebook page. But we have to have a whole little marketing system built up around that, a landing page that is responsive and engaging for the users. Zach managed the most active real estate marketing group of all the shows Mail-Right has done. Nobody has driven more interest or more people to our tools than Zach did.