Building Systems that Help You Get Quality Leads Part 2

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CRM: Integrating Tools into Processes

The previous episode talked about how getting virtual assistants could help to improve your systems. This episode will now tackle how CRM as a platform can aid the agents in implementing them. It is essential to choose the CRM that will fit your needs and to keep using it for mastery of its features and functions. Some CRMs are better for communication than others. They differ on functionalities.

Difference between CRMs

Each CRM does different functions, depending on what fits your business. For example, Zurple is one of the best email marketing CRMs. It is behavioral-based, and it messages you directly whenever communication is established. Another is a transactional-based CRM called Lion Desk. This CRM has integrated transactional details into the customer record management system. Bold Leads and Mail Right do marketing funnel well, which means that once someone contacts you, you put them into a series of emails and messages to generate leads automatically. Other CRMs in the bottom of the list include KB Core and Conversion since they don’t generate leads well as the other CRMs.

Marketing CRMs

The way CRMs are marketed to people creates confusion about their functionalities. The agent should understand this before he creates a system. Most providers have a two-part system. The first one generates the leads, and the other manages the records. Sink, Boomtown, and Zurple’s selling point are that they’ve got an all in one system for the agents to use. They do it at certain levels of efficiency. Some systems are better at generating leads; then the others are great at the part that manages client records. If the volume is not that high you can use the Google spreadsheet to simplify your business, which does not require complicated tools.

Using Time Efficiently

At present, there are various technologies available to improve the system. One of the primary considerations in creating a system is using time efficiently. There would be cases that would require you to plug in some technologies to save time. An agent could maximize his time by eliminating some appointments requiring a personal appearance. It is possible using DocuSign and Dotloop. They would only need a digital copy of the paper for signature. Another one is doing virtual tours instead of going to the area regularly to the listings with your client. These implementations will create a system that will allow you to spend your time efficiently with higher value contacts.

Social Proof

One of the ways to improve systems is to generate social proofs. Agents should realize how these tools could leverage their real estate business. Social proof is either written or video recorded testimonials of past clients who are satisfied with your service. Try to get a referral from them. It’s a systematic approach to improve the quality of your leads, marketing effort, and your business since people always try to gather as much information as possible. If possible, create a Google reviews page so that people could see the reviews and feedbacks of your past clients. According to a new national association of real estate survey, the two leading factors for choosing an agent are likability and trust. Social proof could boost these two factors for your business to generate more leads.