CRM Platforms for Real Estate Agents in 2019

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List of Best CRM Platforms for Real Estate Agents in 2019

In this week’s episode, we look at some of the leading CRM (customer relationship managers) aimed at the real estate sector from BoomTown to LionDesk.

About how many homes did you sell last year? Or how many homes you’re projected to sell this year, your gross and your net sales figures. Do you think selling two to four homes a year will be enough? With this in mind, the question becomes: look at the production, look at your lifestyle, and make some conscious decisions about how you’re going to build your business.

With a functional CRM, you can apply some tractability to be able to efficiently provide quality service your clientele demands of a professional real estate agent. Hosts Robert and Jonathan discuss comparative notes on various CRM tools that will help real estate agents achieve their goals.

Real Geeks

Real Geeks does take a nod and give you some functionality at the team level. But when you compare it to other tools such as Real Estate Webmasters, Boomtown, Sync and even KV Core. It is not nearly as it doesn’t have as much functionality in any way, shape, or form as those other tools do.

Follow Up Boss

This CRM is best suited for teams. Follow up Boss is a follow-up system. However, you don’t get the same tractability as you do with sync. Despite this, Follow Up Boss allows you to distribute and send data to people in your team.


Webmaster is a CRM that does corporate management it in the way that your own company does it. But the other ones that you mentioned, they do it by some form of paid traffic, which is then taken to that website and hopefully converted.


Boomtown is the leader in class. Equipped with the most intuitive dashboards in the industry. The input that I’ve gotten is the training and management they provide is pretty much the best in the industry. So Boomtown is perfect for organizations who have a large budget and are looking to invest in their workforce and customer service.

Boomtown and all of these other tools all charge a premium for their service. And the need is to answer that inevitable question that all real estate agents ask;” I wish I had one tool that does everything.” All of these companies have been attempting to satisfy that need. They do so at an extraordinarily high price. But for the convenience and efficiency, it’s not such a bad price to pay.