Discuss All Things Follow Up Boss a 2020 Review

Episode Timeline

In this episode, we go in-depth into the various real estate online lead management tools available for realtors. After finishing up my Follow Up Boss review, which I posted on my YouTube channel, I decided to share the results of my review with the Mail-right show podcast. We’ll be diving deep into the features of the top CRM platforms available to realtors and discussing which one would be best for you.

Follow-up Boss

So let’s start on what makes Follow-up Boss great, which is that they allow you to manage leads from multiple sources. The account that I used for my review had a ton of lead sources that are importing directly to Follow-up Boss, including realtor.com, active agents, Ylopo, inbound REM. If you’re using, let’s say the CRM with Sierra Interactive, you don’t have that much in terms of importing leads from other sources. This makes it a hassle, especially if you’re trying to build sales funnels from as many sources as possible.

After I did my review, I found that Follow-up Boss is just the best in terms of the value they are giving for the price you’re paying. You have a robust import system with customizable fields, you can track the progress of each lead as your team works on them, you can categorize your leads easily, and so many more features that they do better than competitors and in some instances are not even available. Lastly, they’ve added a video tutorial next to each functionality, making it easy for new users to get familiar with their system. This is miles ahead of their competition in terms of learning how to get the most out of your CRM. Price-wise they are at $69 per seat, which is probably the best deal you can get for a CRM with all the features included.

Bold Leads

So with all the talk about how good Follow-up Boss, then why bother with comparing it to other CRM’s? Well, it’s because there are platforms such as Bold Leads that have features that are much better than what Follow-up Boss is offering, and these features provide a service to a specific niche of realtors. Bold Leads provides a comprehensive text messaging system that lets you automate a considerable amount of outbound texts to leads. Bold Leads offers a text concierge that makes a hands-on approach to your texts, which makes this platform ideal for those who prefer to delegate the text messaging to someone else. However, if you want to mix in text messaging and actual calls, Follow-up boss still does a better job at tracking your communication and managing the status of a lead.