Episode 282: Building a Real Estate Youtube Channel in 2021

Episode Timeline

In the 282nd episode of the Mail-Right Show, John and Robert featured a famous real estate-centered Youtube star. Kristina Smallhorn is known for being the Real Estate Whisperer of Youtube. She has been in the Youtube community since 2017, but she started posting regularly back in 2019. Kristina is a real estate agent in Louisiana, and she mainly focuses on building a long-lasting relationship with her clients. Her endgame makes the experience as joyful and calming as possible because the job is already quite stressful, so making it easier won’t hurt. She emphasized that, unlike other realtors that are composed of a team of agents that are hard to reach after work hours, she does her best to be there for her clients in the morning, noon, and night. 

Real Estate Market in 2021

Robert asked Kristina about trading referrals, and she quickly answered that she’s open to it. She has a group on Facebook called Real Estate Youtube Mastermind. She noted that she posts it on the mastermind group whenever the time comes that she has a difficult time finding a person for a specific lead. But the catch is that she’s only open to trading referrals with real estate agents that also have a Youtube presence. She explained that it is a fair trade because an average realtor can’t just grab leads. Robert again asked her about her sentiments about the current situation of the real estate market. She recalled her newbie days as an agent when the first housing crash occurred. Endless crappy loans piled up one after the other, and people experienced decreased supply for the housing demand. She emphasized that the market is in no way flawless – several significant factors have to be evened out. One of these is the absence of a sense of urgency because there is a high probability that a crash will happen once again. 

She related it to the current pandemic, which has been why there were fewer sales last year. Of course, people were afraid to sell their homes because they did not want random people to go in and out of their properties. But with the vaccines starting to roll in, the housing supply would surely increase this year. However, the properties have been getting more expensive as time passes by. Kristina emphasized that it is alarming because the only people that would benefit from this change are the ones that already own their homes. The poorest of America will be thoroughly affected by it, lessening their chances of ever owning a property. From Robert’s point of view, he firmly believes that the real estate industry will reach new heights in 2021 going into 2022. 

Cracking the Code of Youtube

As a Youtuber, Kristina had many troubles in the past trying to figure out how to succeed in the platform. She sought plenty of help from different people and sources, but the most life-changing one was meeting a Youtube coach, Darrel Eves, who represented a chunk of the biggest channels on Youtube. He praised her for properly researching SEO, but she was not getting enough views because she did not focus on her audience at first. He advised her to stop producing videos that are unrelated to one another. Instead, focus on that one ideal audience that will indeed engage with your content. Kristina also explained that most of the real estate Youtubers she knows have terrible thumbnails composed of a photo of themselves, a background, and few words splattered around the frame. She believes that once an agent masters the art of making a thumbnail without words, they have already reached a new level of Youtubing. She also admitted that being imperfect regarding talking and vlogging is one thing that audiences find relatable, making them like your content more. 

She also explained that there are more comfortable people in front of the camera than others, but those who are less comfortable should still have the chance to make a Youtube channel. They can still have a real estate Youtube channel without showing their faces and creatively present a b-roll with an engaging voice-over. Showing your face or not showing it should not affect your channel because what matters the most is the information you offer and how you present it to your audience.