Episode 283: The Top CRM for Real Estate Agents in 2021

Episode Timeline

In the 283rd episode of the Mail-Right Show, Chris Anuszewski once again graced the show. Before venturing into the field of real estate, he used to be heavy on the operations aspect of his previous profession. Now, he is a huge real estate giant that mainly focuses on the business’s operations factor. He brought his expertise from his last field into a new one. His extensive years of experience never failed him to perfectly analyze and solve any conflict in his current escapades as a broker. His focus is mainly tech-based, which means that he is well-versed in the geeky portion of the real estate industry.

His Top CRM Preference

When asked about the CRM that he uses for his business daily, he immediately answered that he uses FollowUpBoss as his CRM. He described it as the most well-rounded, and he liked it because he prefers CRMs that provide integrations. He noted that integrations with other computer systems were a huge deal for him. He said that he’s able to know who’s using the system, what other people’s plans are, what the top producers are, what top performing agents are using, and a whole lot more. Chris said that he worked hard to find the right CRM for him. 

He searched through Youtube, Facebook groups, articles on Google, comparison charts, Youtube realtors, and tech-based Youtubers to know what they were using. He ultimately looked into LionDesk, BoomTown, Top Producer, Cinc, and arrived at FollowUpBoss. He also tried KvCore, which was fine at first, but it was too simple. He needed something more tech-heavy because it is what he’s after. 

Thoughts on BoomTown

BoomTown is also a huge name in the world of CRM, but they are hardly talked about. Luckily, Chris’ last team used it as their CRM. He admitted that he has mixed feelings about this specific brand of CRM. On the pro side, he said that it is an excellent choice if you are looking for an all-in-one type of solution because you would not have to be a technical geek to figure out how it works. Because it already has a built IDX website, real estate agents won’t have to brace themselves to learn about the coding and geeky part of the CRM. He also appreciates how BoomTown has an active status for its leads, meaning that if a lead was involved in the last 24 hours, the agent should probably reach out to it because it just recently viewed the market. 

He does not like that BoomTown does not offer an AI (Artificial Intelligence) solution. They do not have any automatic way to get in touch with leads, which could be frustrating and challenging, especially for a single real estate agent to handle. They lack integrations, so instead of minimizing your workload, it could be doubling it because you’ll have to do what the CRM cannot do for you. 

In a way, BoomTown can be highly beneficial for real estate agents who prefer a simple and easy-to-learn system. However, a more experienced tech-savvy agent might not be satisfied with this specific CRM’s average performance.