Episode 285: What Are The Best CRMs In 2021

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The Mail Right Show Episode 285: What Are The Best CRMs In 2021

In the 285th episode of the Mail-Right Show, John and Robert examine the top CRMs for real estate agents. From KV-Core to Follow-Up-Boss, they take a deep dive into the realm of real estate agent-specific CRMs. The podcast discusses the advantages and disadvantages of various CRM platforms, how they handle data and information, and whether they are best suited for small teams or large teams of agents.


Data Ownership

John and Robert pointed out that many agents are unaware that if they own a platform, such as Boomtown, or use something given by their broker, they do not own the data they enter into the CRM. Most of the time, they cannot export data since the system was never designed to do so. While this is uncommon, it does occur. Especially when dealing with a legacy system created in-house for the brokerage. For example, several larger brokerages have custom-made software constructed just for them. These systems were created quite some time ago, and many of them are not designed to export the data since it was never intended to be used in this manner. The difference is that when it comes to Boomtown, the barrier is entirely artificial since, in essence, they do not want anyone to leave their platform. Consequently, they do not provide a method for exporting the data to the level you would like.

CRM For Small Teams

Robert pointed out that serving the needs of a firm with 5 to 10 agents is different when addressing the needs of a company with a thousand and more agents. When working with a small team of agents, lead routing is critical, and Robert suggested Real Geeks, Bold Leads, and Mail-Right as the most suitable platforms. They can be effective for a single agent, a power pair, or a group of up to five agents.

CRM For Large Teams

Lead routing is not much of a concern in a larger group as they focus more on lead distribution. Another thing that they mentioned is that having a larger team means tens of thousands of records, and only a more comprehensive tool can handle that load of work. A large tool like KV core is most likely the best option.

You can obtain a great deal of knowledge about a tool that you’re team is already using. If your organization is already effectively using a CRM, it is much better to use that system to get training from your coworkers on how to utilize the platform best.