Episode 288: Leading CRMs for Realtors and How to Use them Effectively

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Mail Right Show Episode 288 with Special Guest Ricardo Bueno

In the 288th episode of the Mail Right Show, special guest Ricardo Bueno joins host Jonathan Denwood to discuss all significant Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM) tools and how agents will access and effectively use them. Ricardo Bueno works for West in California as their Marketing & Technology Director. With his over ten years of experience in this field, he has educated thousands of real estate agents and brokers on successfully adopting marketing strategies and technology into their businesses to increase their productivity. He teaches them to apply his knowledge of content planning and web marketing to their day-to-day business effectively and practically.

The Best CRM is The One You’re Committed to Using

There is no such thing as an all-encompassing perfect CRM for realtors. Individuals should select and commit to they’re system they’re using now. Ricardo is all for adopting new programs, new technology, new CRMs, and new websites. Still, he wants to emphasize that becoming an expert at utilizing them is impossible if the tools are constantly changing. He suggests that an individual can never achieve excellence or competence in data management if they are continually switching CRMs based on the rumor that the other is superior to the one they’re using today.

CRM as the Backbone of Internet Leads

Ricardo refers to internet leads as button pushers and forms fillers; they are not simply converting on an ad or a website. They flip on a variety of adverts and websites. As a result, being proactive is essential. The person performing it must strike a balance between persistence and intrusiveness, as no one enjoys being bothered. Agents must keep in mind that real estate is simple- it’s meeting or chatting with individuals, cultivating the relationship, closing the transaction, and repeat. With these internet leads, we frequently skip step two; we meet or talk with them and want to finalize the sale. We neglect to nurture our relationships. And, as Ricardo points out, this is where CRM comes into the equation.

Ricardo’s Recommended CRM Strategies

There are numerous CRMs available, and one will always discover a CRM with better functionality than the previous one.  Ricardo countered by stating that making the most of what an agent currently possesses can be the best option available. One example that he mentioned was CRM that has a function of automating specific sequences, such as drip sequences, so that when a new lead comes in, regardless of lead source, one can start that lead on a drip campaign. 

Another example is the post-close follow-up procedure, which requires an agent to have significant prior customer experience to nurture a lead or relationship even after the transaction has closed. If they improve their post-close follow-up process and overall experience, they will increase their recurring revenue and customer retention, and doing this is relatively easy. Their chances of closing a referral from someone rise significantly, but it requires substantially more practice, expertise, and various other factors.

The majority of CRMs will enable users to do these strategies in some way. They create new terminologies for similar processes, but they all basically do the same thing. It’s going to be up to you to figure out how to implement known effective strategies to the CRM you’re currently using. If you have enough experience with the tool you’re using, you’ll be able to set up an effective post-sale follow-up system and enroll new leads into a drip campaign that works for you.