Episode 289: Digital Marketing Changes in 2021 for Realtors

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Mail-Right Show Episode 289 Internal Discussion of Critical Digital Marketing Updates for 2021

In the 289th episode of the Mail Right Show, Robert Newman and Jonathan Denwood explored current crucial issues affecting market changes in 2021 and their impact on one’s digital marketing strategy. Robert Newman has over 14 years of experience as an SEO consultant specializing in real estate, making him one of the most knowledgeable organic inbound marketing experts in the industry. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a platform that combines a variety of digital tools for realtors into a single, user-friendly package. Their position and years of experience have provided them with the qualifications and knowledge necessary to speak on these critical changes.

Overheated Real Estate Market

The housing market has reached a critical point. What does this mean precisely? Overheating occurs when continuous demand for housing exceeds supply by a significant margin. Jonathan and Robert explored the several factors that contribute to such irrational market behavior. Among these is the seller-only leads method, which has existed for an extended period. Seller leads are simply sellers interested in selling their property. With so many people interested in selling their homes, there is a good chance that the housing supply will expand, resulting in a large inventory. If one possesses stock, potential buyers must seek it out and come to them, resulting in solid home demand. As a result, every realtor who contacts Robert and those who speak with Jonathan about sales mentions focusing on seller leads. 

Current Market Trends

Direct marketing, which involves utilizing a method to reach a seller, such as Facebook marketing, may be effective. However, Jonathan identified several drawbacks with this strategy, including the fact that it will be far less effective than organic, search, or content management, as it is dependent on the chance that someone interested may enter the funnel via a Facebook advertisement.

Another market trend is the site’s out-of-control deflation of traffic patterns. Jonathan identified two possible explanations for these traffic patterns, one of which is seasonal. A good example is the first sunny, warm day of the year in New York when people leave their desks, exit the office, and spend the rest of the day savoring the beautiful weather. Additionally, higher immunization rates in the United States and increased opportunities for individuals to socialize have a massive impact on real estate websites and traffic. Moreover, Institutional buyers, who can borrow money at rates that the average individual cannot borrow or finance, have returned to the market.

Effects of Apple Policy Changes to Facebook

Facebook and Apple approach the collection of private information differently. When Apple released iOS 14 for the iPhone and iPad, a warning message stating that users must go to settings and activate features that allow Facebook to collect data before using anything owned by Facebook drove a dagger straight through the heart of this platform. 

On the other hand, Robert believes that this data collection technique is a double-edged sword for any working real estate broker. It’s problematic because not everyone is comfortable with the idea of their personal information, such as their name and phone number, being publicly disclosed. With this, each realtor receives 20, 30, or 40 emails, messages, and phone calls every day as a result, which must be exhausting, but they must take it. As a person, Robert stressed that how Facebook collects data and the extent to which Mark Zuckerberg is willing to go beyond the expectations of the majority of business owners makes him nervous; as a result, he prefers Google, which is not nearly as irritating as Facebook. 

Adjusting Your Marketing Change

On the plus side, their ability to gather data and segment customers enables advertisers to make the most of their platform. Advertisers may easily target their exact audience down to the smallest detail possible thanks to Facebook’s ultra-aggressive data regulations. However, Robert highlighted that anytime Facebook’s restrictions change, their targeting becomes slightly more expansive. Those who advertise on Facebook must therefore be creative and intelligent in their approach. They must do what television has done for decades: develop strong, visible ideas that appeal to a bigger audience in a subtle way.

Great ways to attract people’s attention are by making effective landing pages. Pages that feature new listings that come into the market are a great first step. Filming videos may not be a favorite of most agents but those who do get much better results when incorporating videos into their digital marketing efforts. These two would be the best strategies to implement with the current trends that we’re seeing in space today.