Episode 304: RedFin And Podcasting 101 For Real Estate Agents Part 2

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Episode 304: RedFin And Podcasting 101 For Real Estate Agents Part 2

In the 304th episode of Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman continued their discussion of podcasting and introduced a new topic regarding Redfin. Robert Newman is the founder and CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing agency, and a 14-year real estate SEO sector veteran. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a platform that combines a range of digital tools into a streamlined, user-friendly package. The episode delves into the most effective lead-generating tactics available to businesses.

Impact of Pandemic in Real Estate

As the pandemic progressed in mid-March, the number of available residences fell as sellers removed their properties off the market to avoid acquiring COVID-19. Simultaneously, homebuyers were hesitant to visit prospective homes due to stay-at-home orders, leaving, losing their job, or working remotely from home.

How Redfin Works?

Redfin is a technology-powered real estate brokerage platform for buying and selling residential property. The platform operates similarly to a typical brokerage system but with the added benefit of guaranteeing that both buyers and sellers pay the least amount of commission possible on a transaction (when done through Redfin agents).

Redfin’s goal is to leverage its agents and proprietary technologies to perform services and make recommendations to customers that are timely and cost-effective. It has direct access to Multiple Listing Services (MLS) and thus more up-to-date data than online platforms that rely solely on manual home listings. Redfin connects buyers and sellers with local brokers who provide listing recommendations based on the buyer’s and seller’s specific needs and the local market. The agents conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) of nearby properties. Buyers can arrange a visit with agents to tour properties that fulfill their criteria.

Difficulties Associated with Podcasting

One of the difficulties with podcasting before the pandemic was that many individuals lacked a headset, a dedicated mic, and understanding how to utilize zoom. They were also unfamiliar with Skype. When you phoned them, you spent about a half-hour attempting to figure out how they managed to connect and the sound because it was generally awful. Lastly, if it wasn’t someone in marketing or pushing their business or service via podcasts, their sound quality and the required loops were excruciating. 

You’re not only podcasting to grow an audience and a brand. You’re also doing it to develop genuine relationships with the types of people in your local community who may be excellent resources for referring potential clients to you and introducing you to others who may be able to refer clients to you as part of your network building efforts. Because I believe that to be a genuinely effective agent, we must be effective online, but we must also grow our local network.