EPISODE 313: Pros and Cons of Using Youtube Marketing

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EPISODE 313: Pros and Cons of Using Youtube Marketing

On the 313th episode of the Mail-Right Show, John and Robert interviewed Jaime Resendiz. Jaime Resendiz is part of one of the largest eXp teams and helped create a significant YouTube audience with over 22,000 subscribers. He has over four years of extensive real estate expertise, primarily on the residential side in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Jaime discusses the perseverance required to use YouTube as a real estate agent, the advantages and disadvantages of utilizing YouTube as a real estate agent, and being a part of eXp.

YouTube requires perseverance

Facing challenges is a normal part of business and you’re sure to experience difficulty at some stage. The same goes with your YouTube channel. If you want your business or your channel to succeed you need to persevere through these challenges. Jaime helps detail his personal experience in the industry including the various advantages and disadvantages of having a YouTube Channel for realtors.

Advantage of generating business using YouTube

  • It’s Free – Unlike television commercials or radio advertising, YouTube and most social media platforms are free. Establishing a noticeable presence on the web takes time and work, not money and contacts, as it does in traditional media. This medium can be leveraged, meaning that a modest start-up has the same chance of going viral as a well-known brand, which can happen quickly with videos. Videos and photos are among the most frequently shared, viewed, and distributed types of content on the internet. Users may re-post something to their social network profiles with one click, and it spreads like wildfire from there. Utilizing YouTube for small businesses allows you to expand your target audience and marketing capabilities at no expense. YouTube is the most popular video-sharing network, and owning a YouTube channel is comparable to owning a second website without the accompanying hosting and maintenance expenditures.
  • Increase Traffic Volumes – The platform has over a billion users who watch a billion hours of video each day. That’s much potential traffic. Your video marketing material has the potential to reach billions of viewers. While that is implausible, the prospect of increasing traffic is unquestionably plausible. Not only does YouTube offer a cost-effective distribution technique, but it also has a much broader reach than traditional television and cable channels.
  • YouTube is generally acknowledged worldwide, and it has a high level of brand saturation – There’s no doubt that YouTube has had an impact on people all around the world. Almost everyone who has access to the internet is aware of the platform’s existence. As soon as you make a video, you can upload it to YouTube and embed it on your website with the YouTube logo, which automatically transfers some of YouTube’s brand recognition to your company, even if the video is not seen through your website.

The disadvantage of using YouTube

  • It requires skills – from the audio to the video, your storytelling, and how you present information. It does demand a level of skill that many real estate salespeople lack.
  • Bad reviews can harm a company’s image – The modern business relationship relies heavily on a company’s online reputation. Online reviews are taken as seriously as a personal recommendation from a member of one’s family or close friends by nearly eight out of ten internet users. Since YouTube and Google are the same, a business’s online reputation might be harmed by negative comments or reviews on a YouTube video.
  • You’ve got to sell your videos for them to get seen – YouTube isn’t merely going to promote your videos on your behalf. You’re going to need to advertise them in some way. This can mean paying for YouTube marketing on specific tags, or it might involve developing a marketing campaign that links to your videos. Stumbling into a video seldom happens as particular search results are typically needed. If you don’t get the word out, your video will sit empty of views.