EPISODE 321: The best interviews of 2021

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EPISODE 321: The best interviews of 2021

Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman reflect on their favorite interviews from 2021. Robert Newman, the founder and CEO of inbound marketing business; Inbound REM, has worked in the real estate SEO field for over a decade. On the other side, Jonathan Denwood is the creator and CEO of Mail Right, a platform that streamlines and simplifies the usage of various digital tools. The episode showcases Jonathan and Robert’s most interactive and engaging podcast episode of 2021.

Here are some of their favorite interview from 2021

1) Episode 300: Successful Instagram Marketing For Real Estate Agents featuring Neal Schaffer

In this episode, John and Robert interviewed Neal Schaffer, a known expert in assisting forward-thinking businesses in digitally upgrading their sales and marketing processes. Neil enthusiastically recommends techniques and hacks for digitally transforming your sales and marketing processes. This episode also emphasized one of the primary issues confronting real estate agents when building influence. 


2) Episode 275: From MMA Fighter to Successful Real Estate Agent featuring Tim Stout 

In their 275th episode, Robert and Jonathan discussed Tim Stout’s unique and exciting path from the sports sector to the realm of real estate. Tim Stout was a world-class MMA fighter in the past. He fought in 26 professional fights before retiring and focusing on expanding his network as a real estate agent. This change may have come as a surprise to others, but it was ideal for him because he was well-versed in dedication and strenuous effort. Tim Stout and Associates was established from the ground up by him.


3) Episode 253: Don’t Ditch Your Marketing Strategy — Dominate It! featuring Dr. Lee Davenport

Dr. Lee, an Atlanta-based real estate coach and blogger who has been featured in numerous noteworthy publications, including Realtor Magazine and the Huffington Post, was the guest on John and Robert’s 253rd episode. In this episode, she discusses her process for dominating your marketing strategy in 2020 and how to do so effectively.


4) Episode 310: Finding The Right Niche For Your Service or Product featuring Seth Price

John and Robert featured an icon in the real estate industry on the 310th edition of the Mail right Show. Seth Price is a successful entrepreneur, CEO, and startup counselor. He was instrumental in bringing high-quality, large-scale content marketing to real estate marketing. The subject of this podcast episode is Placester Inc., a new platform that enables real estate brokers to outsource marketing routines and one-off creative tasks.


5) Episode 295: Real Estate Agent’s 5 Ways to Create a Real Customer-Centric Culture featuring Shep Hyken

As part of their 295th edition of The Mail Right Show, hosts John and Robert welcomed Shep Hyken, the Chief Astonishment Officer of Shepard Presentations, and the CSP, CPAE, and CAO (Chief Surprise Officer) of Shepard, a man whose expertise is winning over customers’ hearts and minds. Customer service and experience consultant, keynote speaker: He helps organizations develop loyal relationships between their customers and personnel.