Episode 340: A Review of Real Estate Chime CRM 2022

Episode Timeline

For the Mail Right Show’s 340th episode, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman reviewed an all-in-one real estate solution called Chime. Robert Newman is the founder of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing agency, and a real estate SEO specialist with over 14 years of experience. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a company that combines multiple digital tools into a single, simple-to-use package. Many real estate CRM options are available today, but Chime has somewhat taken the real estate world by storm. This episode delves into the features, strengths, and weaknesses of Chime CRM.

What is Chime?

Chime is a CRM suite that managed to create a tool with some of the significant strengths of other CRMs such as IDX, real estate websites, and lead generation in a slightly cheaper version. They provide half the price of the leading platforms.

Strength and Weakness of Chime

Chime has done an excellent job with its extensive list of functionalities— to name a few of its system features; they have integrated lead scoring, drip campaigns, and a solid landing page. The graphical user interface of Chime is excellent as well. It gives you a vibe that is easier to use because they are using iconography across the site. Looking at their dashboards and overall product usability, you can say Chime has done something better and simpler. It may be a weakness to some and appear similar to other CRMs, but actually, it is one of its strengths — having things that work, have better usability, and have a better interface makes the user not spend so much time learning it. If you’ve got new agents or part of your team coming on board, you don’t have to spend so much time onboarding them or paying somebody else to onboard them.

Chime’s weakest point is probably the website they provide. Although it is not terrible, it looks grim and gives a bit old-fashioned look. The website seems to only last up to two or three years and will start to look dated since web tastes and design change rapidly over the years. Another downside of Chime is that they haven’t built an SEO-friendly website. Chime indeed got the same back-end functionality as you would get for a thousand dollars a month, but other CRM such as BoomTown or Sync have added a lot more integration and a fuller robust system. You can get a powerful, flexible solution by combining tools, for instance, using other CRMs with Follow Up Boss. Follow Up Boss has a much better interface and is more focused— it doesn’t throw in everything, unlike Chime. Being a specific provider instead of one site that fits it all would lead to a happier customer base. Last but not least, Chime utilizes so many different technologies that it nearly makes the site unreadable and missing even a ranking for the agent’s name.

Overall, Chime is a good recommendation for new teams. If you are trying to figure out what you need and want, Chime is an ideal place to start because of its friendly user interface; you can get the best CRM, but note that you are also not paying for the best CRM.