Episode 341: A Review of BoomTown CRM 2022

Episode Timeline

On the 341st episode of Mail Right Show, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman review one of the top real estate solutions, BoomTown. Robert Newman is the founder and CEO of the inbound marketing agency— Inbound REM and has over a decade of experience in real estate search engine optimization. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right. This online platform combines several digital tools into a single, convenient, and user-friendly solution. In this episode, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman discuss how BoomTown works and the pros and cons of using it as teams and brokerage.

What is BoomTown?

BoomTown is arguably one of the top CRM in the industry. BoomTown has built a multisite website on WordPress and an excellent server-based CRM solution that works too fast and too well to be a WordPress plugin. It also has an in-house digital marketing agency focused on paid lead generation.

How BoomTown Works

BoomTown specializes in creating multi-platform websites with identical functionality and design, and then the back-end CRM lead management system receives data from the website. BoomTown drives traffic using PPC (pay-per-click) and social media marketing to the site, agent, and user.

BoomTown provides microsites, creating a platform where the individual agent can offer the brokerage without paying a charge by advertising their page, their listings, their sales, and their own pending, and can even promote these on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Any new leads returned to the platform are immediately sent to the appropriate agent, based on how the agent entered the leads. And with generated tracking code, you can follow the transaction lifecycles to keep the team up to date.

Strengths of BoomTown

BoomTown’s automation, which allows leads to be distributed to agents in the larger team with managerial tools, is one of its most excellent features. Their CRM is incredibly user-friendly, straightforward, and emphasizes each agent’s ability to work a lead. BoomTown is your huckleberry if you’re an independent phone master agent. In terms of liaison services, BoomTown is among the best. Following the price model, their office will communicate with you and your staff and train everyone else.

BoomTown also partnered up with Mojo, which designs part of their platform, and the integration is beyond comparison. Their system currently includes 3,000–5,000 leads stored in a CRM with an integrated filter. The website has dashboards created for teams that track performance, including user engagement, calls made by the team, messages sent, and contact attempts through the platform. BoomTown is an excellent option for teams whose revenue model expands and grows by sales team size, especially if you have mid-level management.

Weakness of BoomTown

One of the weaknesses of BoomTown’s solution has been the website. They are front-facing websites with poor SEO. Other drawbacks of BoomTown include its unfriendliness to two-way data integration. As soon as you gave them your data, it became their own, and BoomTown lacked the willingness to allow users to export, download, and move their data as they wanted to. Big teams with thousands of contact records shouldn’t let a vendor or anybody else get the data.