Episode 348: Real Estate Webmasters Review 2022

Episode Timeline

In the 348th episode of Mail Right Show, Robert Newman and Jonathan Denwood discussed Real Estate Webmaster, the changes, and the platform’s new products. The episode also highlights what to expect and what to consider if you are planning to utilize Real Estate Webmaster. Robert Newman is the CEO of Inbound REM, an inbound marketing firm, and has been working in the real estate SEO field over the last decade. On the other hand, Jonathan Denwood is the founder and CEO of Mail Right, a platform that integrates various digital tools into one convenient, user-friendly package.

About Real Estate Webmasters

Real Estate Webmasters is likely one of the most successful real estate marketing companies in the entire North American area.

Real Estate Webmasters have many websites that perform well in search engines. Real Estate Webmasters stood with no competition in the real estate industry for a long time. It was the only one that built SEO-friendly real estate websites. Today some of the biggest real estate websites in the world are on Real Estate Webmasters. Over the years, the platform has done a lot of development and changes.

Real Estate Webmasters New Releases

Real Estate Webmasters has a brand new CRM they have worked on for three years. The platform has shifted from SEO-focused websites to real estate branding websites focused mainly on enterprise clients and other luxury agents. Today, Real Estate Webmasters focus heavily on their newest releases, such as a very slick, very mobile-first, and speedy search site. They are now going away from their past search sites that used to focus heavily on a content management system. The company seems to go in the direction that is more limited in scope search sites, and they’re abandoning the idea of higher quality websites with tons of content.

The company may have also upgraded the team and leadership capabilities of the platform. However, the version of CRM they have now has no dashboards, functionality, or filters that you look for when you’re looking for a team system.

Diving Into Real Estate Webmasters Reviews And As A Platform

When building custom products, to do well with SEO, you usually have to develop semi-customer solutions, which is very intensive for the provider. Less time intensive is building a core website that looks similar across the board, works well, works fast, has a nice CRM, and you can install 50-300 agents. And as a provider, you are making a per se agent fee, which adds up very quickly when you have clients with five six seven hundred agents. In fact, Real Estate Webmasters has clients that have thousands of agents, and when you look at it from that perspective, the platform actually got accounts where there are a hundred thousand dollars a month sitting right on the table; all Real Estate Webmasters have to do is build the product to get the business.

Real Estate Webmasters have many positive reviews, but they also get many negative reviews, mainly because of poor customer service. Real Estate Webmasters will build you a good website but never expect you will get excellent service. To have a conversation with the Real Estate Webmaster’s owner, you probably need to pay whatever they want, though if you’re making enough, that will not matter. But for the self-starter, you better look for other platforms.

Another thing that Real Estate Webmasters does is that it forces people to upgrade to the platform’s newest releases by sending an email that says it’s not going to support the past product. But from a business perspective, it might be because of maintenance costs. Having different versions of a platform soon spirals out of control, and maintaining the code base and keeping them bug-free will rapidly become a nightmare.

Real Estate Webmasters is also the only company in the entire real estate industry that has 25 page TOC(Terms and Conditions) when you sign with them. If you decide to sign with them, it is better to read the contract carefully since some of their contract terms are not standard, one of which is they have the legal right upon the cancellation of the contract to reach into your bank account. They have the right to take the full contract value, so if there are still four years left in the contract you signed for $500 per month, they will get it all at once. Real Estate Webmasters also tend to change your website’s data since, technically, you do not own the website; it is theirs. That’s why, again, you should read their terms and conditions carefully, as they are one of the few providers out there that take advantage of it.