Episode 358: The Best Real Estate Agent Websites Have These Features

Episode Timeline

In the Mail Right Show’s 358th episode, Jonathan Denwood and Robert Newman discussed the best features that real estate websites should have. The show’s hosts, Robert and Jonathan, have the real estate expertise that could help agents out therein growing their businesses. Robert Newman is the CEO of the inbound marketing firm: Inbound REM. Meanwhile, Jonathan Denwood is the founder of Mail Right, an online platform with many useful digital tools, basic CRM, IDX integration, and other user-friendly features.

IDX-Search Capability

Information Data Exchange is how you parse out data, and it should be the number one thing your website should have. A fitting example of a real estate website that interestingly presents its data on its site is Chime.

Buyer and Seller Lead Landing Pages

Your website needs high-quality landing pages. A single landing page can act like a funnel page and produce revenue for you. However, it is essential to know that you must put work into your landing page for it to be effective.

Neighborhood or Region Guides

Neighborhood or Region guides are one of the critical components of having a successful real estate website. The feature should be customized to appear attractive and contain the best neighborhood and region highlights information. Additionally, you can put a neighborhood video that attracts many potential home buyers.

School Ratings and other essential service info

School Ratings and other essential services info are important because there are limitations to what a realtor can share about the area’s schools. They must provide data from their websites without recommending a specific school to their clients.

Original Blog Content

Blogging is vital for real estate agents to connect with their audiences or potential clients. It is an effective way to market and educate. Writing a blog for your website demands time and work. You have to have the drive to write one, or if you are paying a writer to do it for you, you still need to read it and ensure that your goals are aligned. Your blogs must be interesting and very helpful.

Varied Contact And Lead Capture Options

You must have varied contact and lead capture options to make sure that you are gathering potential clients. Call to action is essential; it is important to provide your contact information and get your client’s information with their consent.

Reviews and Testimonials

Your reviews and testimonials must be verified and credible. You cannot just put up a review out of a random thought. There are sites that many people trust because these sites make an effort to provide trustworthy information from real people.

Other features that you may use:


A user-friendly CRM can get you audiences. An engaging and customized CRM becomes essential when used at an expert level. Different CRM tracking systems like Sierra and Boomtown allow you to look at every page your user visited at an individual user level. Through this, you may identify which part your user stayed the most on your website, and you may send them a message asking whether there is anything you could help them with.

Further, if you choose to use a CRM, you may contact professionals to help you.