Episode 415: New AI Tools That Make Facebook Ads Easier For Realtors in 2024

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An enormous amount of AI and tools is coming on the market almost every week, and it’s impossible to keep up with them. For the 415th episode of the MailRight show, Robert Newman and Jonathan Denwood delve into the new AI tools that realtors can utilize for their ad campaigns on Facebook in 2024. Robert Newnan is the founder of InboundREM, the only inbound marketing-focused real estate company in the United States. Meanwhile, Jonathan Denwood is the joint founder of MailRight, a marketing platform that does Facebook adverts and campaigns and provides a landing page, email marketing, text marketing, and text messaging all in one platform.


It’s one of the better-quality AI tools that can create images for you. You have a prompt where you type in a description of the type of image that you want. Then, from that prompt, it will attempt to generate an image.

Midjourney focuses purely on images. They have different style libraries and can even be chosen from different styles. Some results are amazing, some need tweaking, and some are old forms. You’ll just have to play with it, but it produces some excellent results.

The amount of images you can generate in the free version is very limited. If you want to test it, you can choose the monthly option and start with the basic plan, which costs $10. If you find it helpful, you can go for the standard plan at $30, which is suitable for most real estate agents. It gives enough credit to use the platform well and get the most out of the subscription.

You can take homes that are common in an area, take your pictures, and use those as seeds. And then mid journey will come up with homes that are different. In other words, they aren’t boring to anybody but look similar to all the homes in the area. And you could use that as part of a Facebook ad campaign.


Don’t go with the Canva free version because the AI image element you get with Canva Pro is very different. The platform also has a more traditional, user-friendly interface. It is not quite as powerful as a specialized tool, but it is something you can consider.

Get Munch

There are about three or four apps. But Getmunch is pretty useful as well. If you’re sharing stuff on Instagram or TikTok or even making some inside pictures, using video on Facebook makes it more appealing. It’s more likely to get the desired results, though there’s no guarantee. But using video in your ads boosts your chances of success.

Getmunch does a decent job if you’re starting with videos about your area or city and then putting them on YouTube. You can chop them up and add titles. It’s not perfect, though. You’ll need to fix some mistakes and give it a bit of your touch, but it saves time. If you give it the link to a longer YouTube video, it can cut into about 20 shorter ones, which you can then tweak. It’s handy for making content for your ads.

Remember that before diving into these apps, do a little bit of research and then try them out to see which one works best for you.


It is a copywriting tool and is called a Swiss Army Knife. You can get fantastic results. The prompt has already been built for you in a column where you can just put a description, and then it will not count. It isn’t the best for long-form content, but for writing copy to help you write for your Facebook content and other smaller jobs. A lot of people struggle when it comes to writing, and some people get blocked writer’s block almost immediately, and you just don’t get on with it. So this can be a real tool that can help you get some decent writing that you can add a little.

It starts at $20, and you can open the iOS tool for $20. It works well and provides some guidance for widgets, so it’s not outrageously priced. They do have a free plan, so you can have a little play around with it.


This tool is excellent for making Y. It helps you create different kinds of ads with various sizes and designs. You can use it to make lots of images, whether you’re using them for paid ads or free posts. You just need to tell it what you want in the image and what text you want, and it does a good job. The person talking was impressed by it and might even get a subscription because it works so well. It’s suitable for making videos, especially for ads, but not so much for really detailed educational videos.
As AI becomes more common, everyone will start using it, which might make things seem repetitive because AI can only work with what’s already there. But if you’re willing to put in the effort to create original content, including ads, you might stand out more. There’s a chance to make a lot of money if you start using ad creation tools now because more and more people will use them.


This tool is effective for real estate. Many real estate agents request automated video, as many thought they would make a lot of money if they created a computerized video service for agents. However, some are worried they’d get addicted to it and that if it’s successful, they might get greedy, which could change their business.

Editing and tweaking take some time, and the main issue with many agencies is that to be successful, it’s essential to have face-to-face interaction. However, many agents find it hard to be on camera. It’s easier to produce videos where you’re not in front of the camera. You can use titles with voiceovers, like for a review of a park in Los Angeles or a museum or art area in Las Vegas or Los Angeles. You decide what you want to show, record, and edit it.

Choose some tools that you feel if you want to do some Facebook marketing, utilize something like mail as your platform, but you wouldn’t do it yourself. You need to analyze some of these tools, making it a bit easier for you.