Episode 430: ChatGPT & AI Mastermind for Real Estate Agents

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Automation is reshaping operations in today’s Digital World. On the 430th episode of Mail-Right Show, Robert Newman, and Jonathan Denwood discuss the paradigm shift in real estate dynamics with ChatGPT and AI Mastermind. Robert Newman, the founder of InboundRem, which provides search Engine Optimization (SEO), helps rank hyper-local profiles against competitors, gets you found in traditional searches, and builds websites that market. Jonathan Denwood is the joint founder of Mail-Right, which builds great-looking websites on WordPress with CRM, a lead-generative platform, text messaging, email, a social media calendar, and a way of getting better reviews for Google and whatever platform you need your reviews on. In this episode, discover how agents can leverage AI or lead generation, market forecasting, and personalized client experiences.

AI is often discussed for its ability to help in many areas. It can improve property listings, email and social media marketing, personalizing emails, and writing scripts. AI can also generate ideas and topics, draft documents, handle legal papers, summarize long documents into short summaries, translate emails and texts, and enhance customer support.

Writing Property Listings

When faced with an empty page, it can feel impossible to start writing, and you might experience blank page syndrome. This can cause delays, especially for busy real estate agents, and AI can help solve this issue. Using AI to write can make it easier to get started. However, editing the AI-generated content is important because it might contain mistakes.
One issue with AI is that some people might use it without checking the content before sending it out. Here’s an example of a listing that could have been written by AI or a human.
“We just listed this stunning new home, Embrace the Pinnacle of Beverly Hills Luxury Living on one of the best streets in the Coveted Flats, introducing a mesmerizing, newly constructed masterpiece listed at 23,950,000. Just completed in 2024, this architectural marvel boasts seven opulent bedrooms, 10 lavish bathrooms across an expansive 11,446 square foot floor plan. Nestled on a substantial 15,580 square foot lot, every inch exudes contemporary grandeure, blended with timeless design. From the Integriate Pathways leading to serene outdoor lounging areas to the bold lines and soaring ceilings within, each space captivates with its blend of elegance and state-of-the-art amenities. This residence is not a statement of luxury. It’s a canvas where your most cherished memories will unfold. Discover the epitome of Beverly Hills Elegance, a home where every detail caters the pinnacle of high-end living.”

AI can start conversations and inspire creativity, especially for those with ADHD, neurodivergence, or dyslexia. For others, it might be confusing. The example given was quite wordy. Most people will look at images and videos, so the description could be shorter. The writing was good but a bit too lengthy.

Creating Trend

The defining debate between humans and AI depends on the person’s role. AI can be very helpful and save a lot of time. However, AI might lower the quality of work for someone who leads or creates ideas, like in real estate or other fields.

An early adopter spent over a year trying different AI tools and investing money in AppSumo, a website where new technology can be bought at a discount. Some tools did not work well, while others were really helpful. It took a lot of trying different tools and processes to find what worked. Playing around with different tools for various situations can greatly impact work output.

Creating Email & Social Media Marketing Campaigns

When creating email and social media marketing campaigns, make sure to read them and make them look like they were written by humans.

Furthermore, the editing process is very tiring when using AI to create email and social media campaigns. Yes, something can be made quickly, even in a second. This has been done many times, but it often needs a complete rewrite, which is frustrating. However, if you make a social post yourself, you can do it in less than 20 seconds, which is helpful. This is the main difference between a Human and an AI.

Personalizing Property Listings & Emails

Every potential tenant has different tastes when choosing a property. While some people prefer natural light and space, others might emphasize proximity to facilities like subterranean stations.
One important aspect of writing for listings or emails is tone. Many real estate clients don’t discuss tone, but it is important. Writing can be friendly, happy, formal, or technical. Tools like Grammarly can change the tone of writing. It is important to ensure that the writing matches the client’s expectations. ChatGPT can quickly create different tones in writing, saving time.

Another helpful tool is Hemingway. The free version is good. It shows the tone of the writing and suggests writing at a grade-seven level for easy reading. Many people write in a style that is too complex for their audience. Writing should be simple and easy to understand. Long content can be made better with videos and personal touches. Hemingway helps clean up the writing and make it unique for search engines like Google. Writing should not be too similar to others’ content, or it will not rank well in search engines.

For SEO, it is important to edit carefully and add unique elements like videos. Without these, the content may not rank well. Using tools like ChatGPT and understanding their limits is key to creating good, SEO-friendly content.

Writing Scripts

Using video and AI can help you write scripts for real estate videos. Many people struggle to talk directly to the camera and remember what to say. Technologies allow you to look at your notes while keeping your eye on the camera. AI tools for video scripts are beneficial nowadays.

Nowadays, some agents use ChatGPT as a CTA (call to action) at a real estate show. They promote Caliente Ranch estates in Tubac with enticing language about visiting and finding your dream home. It seems effective and even better than a junior SEO team could do. It’s improving work quality for clients and could help the listeners, too.

Writing scripts can be challenging, like for a video about Caliente Ranch in Tubac. You need to make sure the script captures its essence. Here’s an example script: “Welcome to Caliente Ranch, a hidden gem, nestled in the heart of Toubac, Arizona. Here’s the promising tranquility. Each home is a masterpiece designed to blend seamlessly. ”

Language models like ChatGPT help find existing content on Caliente Ranch. It’s useful but sometimes guesses details. Checking facts is important. Despite this, using AI saves time and can be very helpful, depending on your experience level.

In conclusion, using AI for writing scripts gets a perfect score from me, especially for complex ideas.”

Drafting Legal Documents

When writing legal documents, you wouldn’t want to rely on AI. Instead, choose to use Legal Zoom or a similar service. They charge a small amount for creating legal documents but are responsible for the outcome. It’s worth spending a bit to get your documents formatted by them without hesitation.

Translating Emails & Texts

Translate Press is an excellent tool for translating emails and texts. Google Translate is not strongly recommended; you should rather use another language tool called DeepL, which works better than Google Translate.

Enhanced Customer Support

Using AI to enhance customer support has its pros and cons. It’s important to be cautious about this. If you’re on the go, AI could help and might capture a client’s information so you can follow up later.

When you realize you’re talking to a bot, you will notice how big companies control your online experience from the start through chatbots. It’s understandable because they follow a set of questions. Use chatbots only when you have no other choice and need customer service.

Chat AI might be worth considering for significant brokers who can’t afford extensive customer service each month. If you manage properties, it may be useful for dealing with tenants’ frequent, minor queries. However, you must have a way for them to reach you for major property issues, like damage. But for random questions like why the hedge wasn’t appropriately trimmed, Chat AI might suffice.