If You’re a New or Experienced Woman Agent How do You Choose The Right Brokerage For You?

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#221 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Bernice Ross Founder Brokerageup

Women have long been part of the workforce. In this day and age, it is unsurprising for our female counterparts to be part of the male-centric industries.  Despite the progress the economy has achieved, the modern-day women agents still faces some challenges in the industry. Women make up about 67% of the National Association of Realtors 67%. Yet when the California association of realtors looked at their top 100 producing firms in 2017, 14% of the firms were run by women. For this Mail-Right episode, Robert and Jonathan partners with Bernice L. Ross, a nationally syndicated columnist and a Master Certified Coach of real estate, to give women advice on growing their real estate ventures and making it in the industry.

Checking out a New Brokerage

One of the challenges for female agents who are still starting is vetting a brokerage. Bernice shares that choosing a brokerage is contingent on what a woman wants for herself, which offers something she values and is tied to her principles. Big or small, brokerages provide different models for growth and opportunities, may it be for men or women. Generally, Bernice suggests against pursuing brokerages that do not offer a reliable, robust new agent training program.

New Agent Training Program

When you are vetting for an agency, the first thing you’d want to know is how are they going to help you get started. A smart way to assess your compatibility with a new brokerage is through the interview process. Bernice shares that if a brokerage does not talk about how their sales and marketing training is, then chances are they do not offer one. Another way agencies can help you is through a mentoring program or partnering you up with a more experienced agent. It is still preferable to have a trainer who is more skilled in different aspects of real estate.

Considering a Virtual Agency

Broker agencies vary in size and systems. The smaller ones tend to be a little bit busy and may not be able to assist you that much. More prominent or virtual agencies, on the other hand, are much more focused on the splits and reducing the costs for experienced agents. Generally, virtual agencies offer more attractive benefits as their main selling points. As an aspiring real estate agent, you have to find the brokerage with the right tools and systems that fit the kind of salesperson you are.

Different Strategies you Need to Consider

It is best to remember that the key to any successful entrepreneurial initiative like real estate is to experiment with different strategies. The tricky part in real estate is taking the first step of choosing the avenue or brokerage for you, or else you’ll eventually fail in your chosen career. As a sales agent, you have to put yourself out there somehow and learn the ropes of the industry. You may want to do everything in digital or would instead use tried and tested traditional door-to-door or cold calling. You have to go out and face people, and eventually, you’ll be able to find or create a marketing or sales tactic that works for you.