How To Do Social Media The Right Way In The World of Coronavirus

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In this episode of the Mail-right Show, Christy Murdock Edgar owner of Writing Real Estate, offers her tips on How To Do Social Media The Right Way In The World of Coronavirus. Christy is a professional writer that specializes in real estate content and other real estate-related industries such as mortgage companies, lenders, and others.

The Luxury Market Today

One of the topics we discuss early on is the status of the real estate market for luxury homes for Christy’s clients. Surprisingly some markets have remained stable. For example, Southern California has kept up the sales volume even during the pandemic, while areas such as the Hamptons in New York, which used to be stagnant, have gone up in demand. Some markets took a dip, including a lot of New York’s luxury areas within the city. It’s probably due in part to buyers having different priorities with the advent of the Corona Virus. People want to buy homes with large lots, open backyards, and various other amenities that you can get a bit further away from urban areas. So markets in these communities have held steady even during the pandemic.

Creating the Right Conversation for your Brand

So on Social Media, Christy shares that the best ways for you to take control of the conversation right now are by listening. If you’re in a position of privilege and you provide criticism even if it’s positive, people tend to look poorly on that, which can negatively impact your brand’s message. The people who are doing well are mostly taking a back seat on sharing their thoughts on the riots and the virus. They’re focusing on practical ways to help the current crisis, which has reflected well on their brand’s overall performance online.

Millennials Reshaping the Suburban Market

Millennials right now are reshaping the demand of the suburban market. A lot of people have found that working from home can be financially rewarding and at the same time more convenient. With the advent of the Corona Virus, it has accelerated this trend massively, with a lot of businesses switching from an office-based work environment and moving it into the digital space with workers staying at home. And now, schools are looking to go virtual, so if you have a family, you need more space for your home. If before a two or three-bedroom house with an office will work for you, now people are looking for the extra space for multiple offices and potentially a classroom for your kids. That’s why there’s an exodus of people leaving California and moving into rural communities and smaller cities. There are lots of excellent properties outside these city centers offering more value for your money. For example, one of my clients just bought an 11-acre, 3,700 barn-style home, with access to a creek and lake, for the price of $415,000. In California, you can’t even get a crappy one-bedroom condo for that price. So there’s a significant demand for people wanting to get out of the city, especially in the tech industry. There’s still a lot of changes you can expect to happen, especially in the next two years. If you want tips on how to better write for your niche, don’t forget to check out Christy’s content at Writing Real Estate.