How to Market Yourself in Difficult Times Part 2

Episode Timeline

In today’s episode of the Mail Right Show, we talk with our special guest Keir Weimer from the Keir Weimer Team. He’s a unique guest in the sense that he’s had a lot of trying life experiences that he openly shares with the podcast. He had an awful boating accident that leads to the death of one of his friends. He was a driver and was drinking alcohol at the time, which he openly admitted and spent three and a half years in prison. He was extremely remorseful and had to pick himself back up in his 30s to restart his life with little to no opportunities. Luckily for him, he got a chance at the real estate industry and has been working hard in the high-end luxury market on the east coast. He now shares his best practices and insights on how to best position yourself to come out stronger.

Going Down the Rabbit Hole

Keir shares one of the best advice for those looking to be productive while being stuck at home, and that’s staying away from going down the rabbit hole. There’s a lot of negativity out there, and one of the reasons is bad news sells. If you’re trying to keep your mind positive, you need to be actively mindful of how much time you spend reading the headlines and watching the news. You need to focus on building your life because there’s a lot of negativity out there, and it’s really easy to waste time going down the hole of negativity and finding doomsday scenarios again and again. Before you know it, you’ve lost an entire day doing nothing. It’s essential to focus on what’s important right now and working on things that will matter to you and your family.

Leveraging the Power of Video

Keir shares his primary content strategy during the next few months, which reflects a good amount of our discussion from the previous episode. His team is working hard to build education content for the real estate market on the actual facts about Covid-19. Similar to other recessions, once the effects of this crash hits, it’s going to be the luxury that’s going to be first affected and the last to recover. When a crash hits the income of high-end buyers, it changes their buying habits, and one of the first things to cut down on is luxury spending. The good thing about Keir’s team is he has diversified his portfolio to include primary home sales to help counteract the possible downturn. He’s also providing practical ways to do your real estate business while abiding by government regulations and social distancing measures. These are excellent pieces of content that help him direct the conversation instead of reacting to them.

And what’s the best way to showcase this content, that’s right it’s with video. If you’ve followed my content, you know how much I value the power of video and how it’s changed the content marketing industry. Keir shares how his team uses Facebook video posts and Instagram Live to communicate with your audience and create meaningful conversations with them. He’s built a significant Instagram following of about 23,000 followers and a mailing list of 10,000, that have generated five to ten transactions. Brand recognition has also created referrals from other agents that have produced another six to twelve deals. If you want to check out Keir Weimer’s Team, you can click the link here to go to his website.