How To Use Facebook Groups and Facebook Live Video in 2020

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The Mail Right Show Episode 249

In this episode of The Mail Right Show, we’re on another internal discussion this time about the tremendous value a Facebook Group provides a real estate business. Facebook Groups are fantastic community platforms that let you get in touch with a group of people directly without much hassle, and the best part about it is it’s all free. Today, we’re going to share our thoughts on the tool and how realtors can use Facebook Groups for their marketing efforts.

Finding Local Facebook Groups

If you’re at all interested in getting in touch with people involved in a particular niche, you just need to do a simple search on Google. For example, you can use “Real Estate + City, State” and get the top real estate groups in a particular city. Find out what groups are in your locality and join as many as possible. Once you’re in, you can post in these groups to get in touch with a brand new audience, all of which are free and can be done in less than a few days. Some groups require approval before they let you in, but it’s worth it for the ability to connect with a new group of people on Facebook with minimal effort in your part. Be ready to post some of your top listings on these groups and watch as people send you messages about the property. Just make sure you review the community guidelines of each group and review some of the top-performing posts and try to imitate what works for that particular audience.

Facebook Live

Facebook Live is an excellent tool that realtors can use, especially during the various lockdown protocols being implemented by local governments. Using Facebook Live to connect to a broad audience of people following either your Facebook Profile or a personal Facebook Group for your business allows you to connect to a large number of people all at the same time. Whether you’re doing a virtual tour of a property or are highlighting various community amenities of new development, there are lots of content you can create that works well in a Live format. Having a live feed also allows you to interact with your audience in real-time. Take note of interesting comments and feedback, and be sure to leave a reply if you find good questions from them. As for tools, the easiest would be using your phone and setting it up with a stable tripod. You can also get a DSLR if you’re aiming for a more professional look on your videos with higher resolution videos.