How to Increase Sales and Leads?

Episode Timeline

We have our returning guest Beatty Carmichael of the We will continue our discussion on how to increase trust to increase sales and attract more clients.

In this topic, our guest will give us some tips on what to do to capture client details and know who’s interested in the product or service that they offer. There are touches that make value to the client and that are as follows:

Step1: Understanding Trust

Step2: How to build trust (inside reality and outside reality)

Step3: Value Touch for the customer

Step 4: Email Marketing – Click thru rate ( sending email offer to a client)

In step four, we tackle about the email marketing strategy and how to make people curious about how their Home worth. Email campaign or postcard that will interest the homeowners and to capture details of active buyers to the database.

Step 5: Personal touches

It may be via Phone calls or giveaways. Be a friend that adds value to the client.

Robert our SEO and Real Estate expert also add this very important way in email marketing. He said that there two way to Develop email marketing list. First is by the People You know, Contacted or have a relationship with. And Second is to the People that you generated through digital marketing. Which was agreed upon by our guest Beatty.

Hence, for Beatty “Focus on people who trust you” is the best advice because they can refer you and can double your earnings.

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