Internal and Marketing Processes

In this conversation, we are going to share how and what are the Internal and Marketing Processes of Mail Right works and what tools are they using in the process of making and generating leads.


One example provided was Blog Post, the process of marketing it creates a blog post and post or shares it to 5 of your Social Media accounts. The basic platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram. Or you can either send it to your Team or VA and Email them and make sure that the content is distributed. Then one best practice is for you to get notifications when the task is completed.

Here are the tools that we are using in project management. We have BasecampTrelloHootsuiteWunderlist, and Slack.

In Project Management you should aim to have a good overall reporting system. So will tell you what are these tools, what is the best tools to use and what are the pros and cons of using Basecamp or Slack.

Another scenario that we talked about was how to generate leads and the Internal process such as using CRM. To know more details about that watch this video:


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