Kin – Home Insurance with Special Guest Sean Harper

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Episode 267 Mail-Right Show: Kin aims to change home insurance from what it is to what it should be

Mail-Right Podcast Episode 267 with Special Guest Sean Harper, Kin’s owner, a fully-licensed home insurance technology company. In this episode, Jonathon and I discussed all the changes he has made with his insurance company. Sean founded it in 2016 and is already running it for 4 years. He had also built his financial services company, the payments company, and the latest is Kin, an insurance company that took a year and $30 million to establish. Kin recently earned a financial stability rating of A from Demotech, Inc.

Kin, A Catalyst For Change

Kin is a tech company that does insurance. It gives homeowners in catastrophe-prone regions like Florida and California affordable coverage. It also aims to provide homeowners a diverse range of options, including everyday claims to catastrophes. Unlike most insurance companies, Kin specializes in homes at risk to extreme weather like hurricanes and wildfires.

Kin Versus Other Insurance Company

Kin gathered a wealth of information about different property markets. This includes objective third-party data sources, aerial and satellite reviews, a machine-learning algorithm to analyze the home’s state, and micro geography analysis. Kin reduced the average cost of your overhead by automating and using technology while other insurance companies have their overhead stayed constant at 35% for 50 years. Kin is very particular with its pricing, which was accurately based on the home’s actual traits and geography. Since they could pool a lot of reliable data compared to other insurance companies, which may be underwriting 40 variables and just relied on the information provided by homeowners and real estate agents, which are not objective and reliable.

Kin and Its Technology

Sean did not think Kin would be an insurance company but later discovered that he needs to be. He wants the freedom to do things their way, the way that a legacy insurance company does. At first, he rented their infrastructure from another company, but it did not allow him to solve enough common consumer problems. One, there is a problem with the speed of decision making. Since they are renting another insurance company’s infrastructure, it is time-consuming to convince the people involved. They cannot make decisions fast. Second, they were not in charge of the claims. Since Kin offered a modern, sleek, efficient experience for consumers when they’re buying the product, when they’re logging in to make changes to it, Kin created a brand new claims experience to match their application process.

Machine Learning Technology helped Kin sort the customers into proper categories. It also sorts the data images by sending it through an image recognition algorithm to make conclusions easily. With all the data collected, it will be possible for both humans and machines to get an idea of the risk associated with each property.

If you want to know more about Kin Insurance, have your home insured, or if you live in areas where it’s hard to get insurance, you can go to their website at