Lead Generation for Realtors in 2019

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Lead Generation for Realtors in 2019

Realtors, new and old, rely heavily on leads for their sales in the digital sphere. It can get tricky for agents to navigate lead generation tools suitable for their business models. Mitch Ribak joins hosts Robert Newman and Jonathan for this episode to discuss internet leads in 2019. Ribak is the Principle Broker at Tropical Beachside brokered by eXp Realty, LLC, which has been thriving with an average of 350 transactions from internet leads a year since its inception in 2005. In his book Rockstar Sales Guide, Ribak shares how real estate agents can cultivate their leads. Based on three principles: the first one is don’t text, the second is don’t email, and the third one is to pick up the phone.

Contact Rate using Texts

Ribak and his team in Tropical Beachside learned over testing through the years that there is a 35% contact rate for every text they send out to potential leads. This contact rate increases if you call four times over eight days every other day, up to about 65% to 70%. I 2002, Ribak unlocked the secret to getting leads from their digital marketing pages. In the early days when she first started his website, Ribak realized to increase the cost-efficiency she had to create a registration page to grab potential leads. This feature improved the functionality of his website for his clients. The registrations allow him to track in-demand listings and purchasing capacity of his market while also providing well-researched listings for their future homeowners.

Client Communication and Acquiring Leads

Throughout the process of acquiring leads and communicating with clients, a real estate agent needs to build relationships with your customers. Upon contact, realtors are given more or less a six-month opportunity to create a great relationship and make a sale. A client-realtor transaction founded on in-depth conversations, trust, and loyal partnership becomes more meaningful, especially to homeowners. In addition to the leads generated from registration, realtors can also create property inquiry. Property inquiry leads are usually made by third party sites and digital tools that can charge from 60 to 100 dollars per point. Although it’s a bit pricier than registration leads, it’s a much stronger lead.

Lead Generation Tools and Multiple Websites

Realtors may use multiple sites and tools for lead generation. One tool Ribak and his team used was Google Ad Words for tail keywords. Other programs include Home Gate and Buyer Link that generates more leads for a fraction of a price with an 80% capture rate. These sites and applications have multiple partners across the internet. Using their established network, they can drive traffic to their clients’ websites. Leads are essential as it not only brings you potential sale right at your doorstep, but it also helps realtors anticipate the property demand of the clientele. Lead generation does not have to be a daunting task. With the right tools and training, you’ll acquire more leads. Quality leads from homeowners, and potential buyers within your neighborhood are readily available in Mail-right.com, utilizing an online marketing system that is powerful at a fraction of a marketer’s usual cost.