Will the local celebrity lead generation tactic work for you?

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Zach Hammer talks about becoming a real estate celebrity.

In the digital realm, creators and businesses all clamor for the attention of their audience. Every day there is new content to look, read, listen, and watch. With such competition for views, how do realtors ensure that they capture their target market online? Joining Robert and Jonathan for this episode is Co-Founder of Real Estate Growth Hackers, Zach Hammer. Together, they talk about the new marketing model for real estate agents and how video content will positively impact businesses in 2020.



The Local Celebrity Show Marketing Model

One of the significant sources of business revenue for real estate agents is marketing leads. What used to be done through cold calling can now be done in the digital space, allowing for more flexible transactions and a greater area of coverage. Today, social media offers modern ways of getting leads, one of which is the Local Celebrity Show Marketing Model. The most common misconception of this show is that the concept mostly centers in the inner workings of the real estate industry. It is not. Zach points out that if given information on the technicalities of buying and selling a house, viewers are less likely to watch or engage. Believe it or not, these kinds of content are completely irrelevant and boring for most people in an unhealthy way. If all you ever talk about is real estate, you’re training most of the market online to ignore you

The Right Content for your Business

The goal of the Local Celebrity Show is to stay relevant in front of their market at large: a sphere of influence, past clients, trusted friends, and family. This is important in creating a sense of community from your audience. But how does one grab their attention? One of the most prominent topics multiple brands discuss with their client is lifestyle topics. Talking about lifestyle tips, household hacks, or current interior design trends are examples of things real estate agents can discuss with their audience. These things are appealing enough to get the audience hooked but are, at the same time, still related to the realm of real estate. You may even take it a step further and create content that brings your audience closer to each other.

Relatable Topics

Nothing screams relatable than topics on your community can relate to. Hyper localization is an effective catalyst for this goal, especially in video format. List down things you love about the neighborhood; this may include local businesses loved by many upcoming events in the area, home-grown restaurants for families, or untapped recreation areas to spend the weekends in. These are things that show how connected you are to the community you’re marketing. This way, you don’t only get to be branded as a real estate expert, but also establish your credibility among your community as a local area expert regardless if they are interested in real estate or not.

Becoming the Local Expert

Becoming the top of mind is easy when you, as an entrepreneur, are aware of the entire market you are dealing with instead of just a segment of real estate. As a local area expert, you should learn and research a combination of new and noteworthy things in the area. Through introducing something your audience has not seen before, you can build up a high degree of connection with you and your audience.