Part 3 – 10 Companies Making The Best Real Estate Websites in 2020

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Mail-Right Podcast Episode 229: Part 3 – 10 Companies Making The Best Real Estate Websites in 2020

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Lead Generation Websites

We’re on the last episode of our discussion on the Top 10 Real Estate Web Development Companies in 2020. In this episode, our host Jonathon and Robert will be discussing the final type of real estate websites, which is the Lead Generation category.

I want to define clearly what a real estate lead generation website is. If you’re a realtor, you need to differentiate the types of sites as most likely you are looking for a website that can bring in good quality leads for your business, and not knowing what you’re getting is an excellent way to waste your money. A real estate lead generation website is primarily a platform that focuses on collecting the name, number, and email address from the person visiting your website. Many sites do that by having very natural appearing prompts and registration gateways that function within their website.

BoomTown and Real Estate Webmasters

The best example of this is BoomTown, no doubt about it. They have a smooth looking IDX with a wide array of cool features. BoomTown focuses primarily on paid traffic by driving various sales funnels into the websites that they build. Another excellent company is Real Estate Webmasters which primarily generate their leads through the use of SEO and content marketing to drive traffic to their websites. I would say that only my company InboundREM and Real Estate Webmasters, provide an excellent SEO-based Inbound Marketing Strategy that can successfully get you leads continuously.

Typical Customers

These two platforms are perfect for brokerages and real estate teams that are looking to get to the next level in their business. The websites that these two companies will most likely enable you to get a good portion of the online real estate traffic in your local market. They get consistent leads, which are excellent resources that a good realtor will know how to convert into sales. If you’re looking for a mix of organic and paid traffic on your website, you should go Real Estate Webmasters. If you want to start generating leads fast and are willing to front the marketing cost, then BoomTown would be your best bet.

The Rest of the List

The other companies on the list probably are middle of the pack providers or companies that do something well in a particular niche. They do, however, offer a more modest price point, which I would say is an excellent pro, especially for realtors who are looking for a more budget-friendly option for their web development company.