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Episode Timeline

Placester is one of the leading providers of Real Estate websites. They currently have 400,000 customers and counting. I do a detailed analysis of their website offering.

0:00-:39 Robert Newman | Introduction https://inboundrem.com/placester-review/
:39- 1:03 Who owns Placester Websites | Who owns Placester
1:03 – 2:50 Cost per lead [query not answer]
2:50 – 3:22 Cost per year.
3:22- 4:20 Pros and Cons if you work for KW or REMAX (being forced to use the site)
4:20 – 5:18 Who SHOULD be using Placester? Back end walkthrough
8:00 Backend Walkthroughs. Other recommendations for other technology providers with higher upsells.