Real Estate Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies

Real Estate Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies from Special Guest Chris Bentley

Real Estate Lead Generation and Marketing Strategies

Chris D. Bentley is one of Dallas’ most aggressive real estate magnates and has built his reputation upon surpassing client expectations. Having sold millions of dollars’ worth of homes during his 16+ year career, 50% of Chris’s business has consisted of repeat and referral clients, and the other 50% from social media exposure. Chris epitomizes integrity, energy, hard work, and excellent customer service in the real estate industry. Together with our Mail-Right hosts, Chris shares tips, real estate agents should focus on to increase lead generation and create profitable marketing strategies.

Utilize Social Media for Lead Generation

For real estate agents who have just begun marketing through social media, it is best to use your profile more than your actual business page and paid advertising. Aside from having an audience, you already have a sense of credibility among your friends and colleagues. With this strategy, you might earn a direct sale from them or a couple of referrals.

However, you have to be careful not to post too many business-related posts as Facebook’s algorithm only publishes posts that they continually engage with. Balance your content with personal videos or photos or topics your friends want to talk about. Also, talk to people who react or comment on your posts. This is another way to stay relevant to virtual users.

Multi-channel Marketing

Marketing in social media means being present across all platforms. This ensures your visibility and in turn, increase your reach and leads. Create business accounts for each top social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn.

Each platform allows you different ways to market your properties to different audiences and provides room for creativity. For convenience, get assistance from scheduling applications to be able to manage your social media management. Do not forget to engage in every platform! A simple like or comment can help build your relationship among different communities.

Responsive and Credible Website

Most prospective clients will look for your website to establish credibility. Don’t miss this opportunity to reach more users. This way, you can also customize your site to be more responsive to your client’s needs and generate more content. Through having a website, you are also able to get a more in-depth analysis of your marketing promotions from Google analytics.

Pay For Leads

For a more efficient lead generation, you may pay for ads and boosting of posts. This way, you are free to customize and target your content to audiences who are more likely to purchase from you. Learn to target your ads by demographics: age, location, hobbies, etc. Social Media platforms like Facebook allows business owners to use this feature. A more targeted approach can double your referrals and purchases right away!

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