Real Estate Marketing in 2020

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#225 Mail-Right Show With Special Guest Ray Petkevis

In the real estate industry, the goal is always to increase your production for profit. With the ever-changing marketing trends and rising marketing costs, choosing the right strategy that works for you and your budget might get confusing. This episode on Mail-Right hosts Robert and Jonathan are joined by Top Producing Keller Williams Real Estate Agent in Delaware 2019, Ray Petkevis. Together, they identify some powerful marketing hacks in growing your network, converting leads to sales, establishing relationships with the right clients, and create a name for yourself as a top producer in real estate within your state area and the digital world.

Starting your Real Estate Career

When starting your real estate career, Ray recommends that the best way to begin is by buying leads. Once you’ve got the leads rolling, it’s time to introduce yourself and your value proposition to your potential clients. For selling clients, your value proposition maybe being able to sell their homes fast for the most amount of money and less time negotiating. For the buying clients, on the other hand, your value proposition will be being a fierce negotiator. After being able to establish your value proposition as a real estate agent, it’s time to search how can one increase conversion purchasing from leads.

Finding your Target Market

Real estate agents need to start with a geographic center point, where you are knowledgeable about the market. So when someone approaches you about the best schools or restaurants, you don’t only get to tell what the schools or restaurants are like, but also your personal experience in them. If you choose to buy leads in a market where you don’t reside in, it’s best to hire an agent who lives in that market. And once you grow your team and point those leads at that agent so that your incoming customer gets the same experience.

Real Estate Lead Generation

Ray further explains the process of how their firm works systematically together in capturing clients. There are also two ways real estate agents usually get customers; these can be through online leads or the much traditional personal referral. An online lead is the most challenging customer to deal with, especially in the first three to five days when you still have to persuade them to avail of your services. A personal referral is someone who is already waiting for the agent to approach them and are usually set on their preferred agents already.

Online Leads

For online leads, it is recommended to do some mapping with their contact information and address. Ray suggests that these data get imported into the app called Five Street. Five Streets will analyze the data imported then distribution these leads to your team from which your agents will claim. Only when claimed will the contact information of the lead be revealed to them. Once an agent successfully contacted the lead, it’s essential to start a conversation to understand how you can help your client. The majority of the time, real estate is about agents getting there first and fast, then you present a value proposition that’s comfortable and informative to your clients.