The Realtor, David Wright will Give Us Ideas and Tips for Generating Leads

Episode Timeline

Marketing and Lead Generation, how and what are the UPs and Downs with our guest David Wright despite of having a great website and SEO?

David Wright is a successful Realtor with Benchmark Realty, LLC.

And in this series, we are going to talk about Real Estate experience of our guest and his tips about marketing. He has a strong knowledge of architecture, building technology, research, and marketing in addition to the hundreds of hours of real estate education.

David tells us the reasons why he pursues being a Realtor, and that is simply because it gave him a chance to share knowledge to people, give back and help people and aside from that he is getting a commission.

He also shares with us what are the various things that he has done to generate leads for himself and get sales. What is his Up’s and downs, experiences in marketing ads, companies that he trusted and been too before, who generate more leads and who’s not and how much is the estimated investments he made for various lead providers and the results.

Google requires you to have a site that’s readable and mobile friendly and you have to have some method of promoting your site with valuable content such as backlinks. So you have to write blogs in other places, not just your blog.(Per David)

Lastly, our guest gives us tips and idea about SEO and lead conversion. Always remember two things, you have to figure out what’s client’s question in their minds and number two, provide the answer to their question unique.

There’s more about David and we will also continue talking about Skyscraper technique, social media marketing, and lead magnets so watch this video: