Robert Newman Interviews Jonathan Denwood

Episode Timeline

Episode 254 Mail-Right Show

In this episode of the Mail-Right Show, I interview Jonathan Denwood about his business and history. More specifically, how Facebook campaigns work well for modern real estate marketers. If you know me, I don’t really do a lot of Facebook Marketing which in part is why I work well with Jonathan as we focus on different aspects of digital marketing. The online real estate space is quite vast and it’s always great to share each other’s perspective on changes and updates in the industry. Check out the podcast episode by hitting the play button on the video down below.


Another company that Jon has worked on extensively is WP-Tonic, a WordPress based development company that specializes in people looking to leverage their expertise online by setting up online courses. The platform is doing quite well especially during the lockdown period where people are stuck at home. That platform according to Jon currently has about double the audience of the Mail-Right Show which is absolutely amazing!

Starting the Podcast

So I’ve been very lucky to have been part of the Mail-Right Show going back to around two years ago when I was invited into the podcast as a guest. I’ve received a lot of good exposure from the show, especially with our growing audience. However, I get a lot of comments referencing my co-host as the English guy that I talk to, and I think that’s a little unfair. Jon may not have started in the real estate industry as I did, but he has definitely made his home here and I wanted to spend an episode talking more about what he does and how our methods synergize well with each other.

One of the most surprising things I learned while doing the Podcast with Jon was his uncanny ability to wrangle big hitters in the real estate industry. Like a few episodes back he was able to wrangle the CEO of IDX Broker into the show! Even if you give me a million dollars I couldn’t imaging getting that done, and he did it all with a single email. We’ve had many more big names in real estate come into the show and it’s given me a lot of new perspectives on how people handle the complexities of our industry. The value of the podcast has been immeasurable for me and my audience and I think it’s slowly becoming an excellent resource for realtors looking to get more insight into what works in our line of business.

Checking out Jonathan’s Services

If you’re interested in learning more about Jon and what he does, I highly recommend you watch our podcast and check out his website. He provides a comprehensive Real Estate Lead Generation Solution that leverages heavily on Facebook Marketing and it would be a great addition to those looking to get into the platform.