Super Local SEO and Marketing

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Hyperlocal, as defined by Google, is usually centered on the place that you have identified to be the residence of your business. It gets more complicated nowadays since it is more dependent on the city or community where you are. It’s like taking the search data and correlating them to the zip code of your area. A specific range from an area like 10 to 15 miles for examples could be included as local. Google will also give you results that are close to that area or a particular city. Firstly, a website is not a requirement to rank well in hyperlocal. You need to set up a Google My Business page, which is similar to a Facebook marketing page, but it’s better at segmenting categories and building the page for the business.

Moreover, Google uses citations and connect them to the Google My Business page. A citation is something that Google refers to if they identify them as credible listings of your business. These include white pages, yellow pages,, Hotfrog, etc. It is a means for Google to know if your business is authentic by having a listing on its platform.


Having citations is putting your business in directories, and it is one of the last things that Google looks in doing searches. You can have reviews which could help you get ahead of your competitors. It also increases the chance of performing well in the hyperlocal search results. Furthermore, it enhances the credibility of your business. Hyperlocal is a category wherein Google doesn’t give Trulia or Zillow a chance to join the competition. What you have to do is to have your website focus on a particular niche. Campaigns involving hyperlocal include getting citations, review, a business page, and website. The page could be more robust to leap ahead of your competitors in the real estate.

Considering Location Codes

Another thing to consider for hyperlocal is that Google takes into account the location code. For example, uploading a video through Youtube is connected to Google. Google search engine collects the data from YouTube. By applying the concept of hyperlocal, the video uploaded has a location code collected as data by Google. The same thing happens when getting likes and shares and leaving reviews on the website, which helps you to get ahead in the competition. Take note that it is better to find a niche and a specific area in the city where you want to focus your business.

SEO and Mobile Devices

Google has also gone to mobile search results. Google takes more data from cellular phones than PCs. One could notice that Google usually asks your location in your mobile device. It uses this data to project the user’s activity and correlate his locations. It is observable that Google first views the results of your searches that are available just within your area.

Other Services

Local directories could also provide these citations. Examples that offer this kind of service include Moss, Yext, and BrightLocal. Most of these tools use the same big directories. These tools, like Moss, is simple to use and inexpensive. They also attempt to build a white hat type of service. Moreover, you still need to reach out to some real qualified professionals in this area. To save time and cost, real estate agents could use these services.