The Best Lead Generation Tips and Tricks of 2020

Episode Timeline

In this episode, Robert and Jonathon, the hosts of the Mail Right Show, discuss the best lead generation tips and tricks they’ve gotten through over 100 podcast episodes. If you’re looking for the fast-track list of things to do to multiply the number of leads you’re getting for business, then this episode is for you.

Connecting Daily

In episode 219, our guest shared one of the best practices that realtors need to have in their daily habits. He shared that the top 1% of realtors in the country don’t focus on productivity goals when setting their daily tasks. Instead, they focus on creating one authentic connection every day. If you’re a long-time realtor, you should know what a good connection is, and one of the best ways to build long-term success is by working this into your day to day habits.

Double Dial

Mike Hellickson, in Episode 236 from Club Wealth, provides a concrete program that realtors can follow to build consistent and predictable success for their business. His advice, called Double Dial, is probably one of the best ways to get someone on the phone. Simply put, you call someone twice, and when they don’t answer, you send the message: “Hi, is this so-and-so.” The response rate after this message is fantastic, and you should watch the episode to get more information on why it works.

When to Call a New Lead

Mitch from Episode 211 probably had one of the most familiar and relatable messages from the guests we’ve had on the podcast, and that’s because he spoke a marketer who is what I focus on a lot of the time. So his advice is simply that if you call a lead within 5 minutes of them getting listed, you can get in touch 21% of the time, if you call them 24 hours later, you can get in touch 20% of the time. He’s done the numbers from his many team members, and the numbers don’t lie. If you have the option to do a call immediately the moment a lead comes in, that’s good, but if not, calling a day later doesn’t drastically drop your chances, unlike what we’ve heard from most sources.

Creating Videos with Satellite Images

Steven Nelly, the Chief Marketing Officer from Bomb-bomb, dropped some amazing knowledge bombs when he was a guest on the podcast. His most potent lead generation advice was using your warm leads and incorporating the video capturing tool with Bomb-bomb that incorporates satellite images to market neighborhoods and real estate market information. One of the agents who used this method made over 11 Million Dollars in 90 days using this method, so you know that it has a lot of potential upside for anyone looking to boost their sales volume.

We had a fantastic real estate marketing guest in the name of John Geffen. He’s a fantastic marketer providing a wealth of knowledge for realtors to improve the performance of their business. Check out his website at to get a list of over 450 actionable real estate advice.